Pinche in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
masculine or feminine noun
1. kitchen boy, (f) maid
2. damn (informal) (Mexican Spanish), bloody (British)
1 (México) (maldito) bloody (muy_familiar); lousy (muy_familiar)
todo por unos pinches centavos all for a few measly cents
2 (Centroamérica) (México) (miserable) wretched
3 (Centroamérica) (tacaño) stingy; tight-fisted
1 [de cocina] kitchen hand; kitchen-boy
2 (S. Cone) (oficinista) minor office clerk; (criminal) small-time criminal
3 (Caribe) (México) (granuja) rascal
1 (And) (jamelgo) nag
2 (S. Cone) (horquilla) hairpin; bobby pin; (EEUU)
Mi hermana mayor se movía de aca para allá, prendiéndose un pinche en el pelo
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