1. (sewing) 
Jim removed the pins from his new shirt.Jim quitó los alfileres de su camisa nueva.
Maria used a pin to take in her dress around the waist.María usó un imperdible para ajustar su vestido por la cintura.
2. (thin metal piece) 
a. el clavo (M) (medicine) 
Rene has a pin in his tibia.René tiene un clavo en la tibia.
b. la horquilla (F) (for hair) 
The bride used pins to hold flowers in her hair.La novia usó horquillas para sujetar las flores en el pelo.
c. el alfiler (M) (for a hat) 
My grandma uses decorative pins with pearl tips in her hat.Mi abuela usa alfileres decorativos con puntas de perla en el sombrero.
d. la clavija (F) (electricity) 
This is a three pin plug, but the sockets are for two pins.Este es un enchufe de tres clavijas, pero las tomas son de dos clavijas.
e. la pata (F) (colloquial) (electricity) 
One of the pins has snapped off so you can't plug it in.Una de las patas se partió así que no puedes conectarlo.
f. el perno (M) (mechanics) 
To remove the pin from the end of the shaft, first remove the cotter pin.Para sacar el perno de la punta del eje, primero saca la chaveta.
g. la anilla (F) (grenade) 
Run! He pulled the pin!¡Corre! ¡Jaló de la anilla!
3. (brooch) 
a. el broche (M) 
Yolanda is wearing a silver pin with amber, pearls, and garnet on her dress.Yolanda lleva en su vestido un broche de plata con ámbar, perlas y granate.
4. (washing) (United States) 
a. la pinza (F) 
I need more pins to hang the clothes to dry.Necesito más pinzas para tender la ropa a secar.
5. (sports) 
a. el bolo (M) (bowling) (Latin America) 
You knocked down all the pins. That's a strike.Derribaste todos los bolos, eso es un strike.
b. el pino (M) (bowling) 
You have one more try to knock down all the pins.Tienes un intento más para tumbar todos los pinos.
c. el banderín (M) (golf) 
The ball hit the pin and bounced back.La pelota pegó en el banderín y rebotó.
6. (badge) 
Girl Scouts wear pins on their uniforms to signify various accomplishments.Las Niñas Exploradoras usan insignias en los uniformes que indican sus varios logros.
7. (personal identification number) 
a. el PIN (M) 
Enter your four-digit PIN to continue.Ingresa tu PIN de cuatro dígitos para continuar.
b. el NIP (M) (Mexico) 
If you have forgotten your PIN, you'll need to request a new one in writing at the bank.Si se te ha olvidado tu NIP, debes pedir uno nuevo por escrito en el banco.
transitive verb
8. (to attach) 
a. clavar 
Pin the sign to the pole.Clava el letrero al poste.
b. prender 
I pinned a note to the bathroom wall to remind you to take your medicine.Prendí una nota a la pared del baño para recordarte que te tomaras tu medicamento.
The teacher pinned a note to the student's shirt.La maestra prendió una nota a la camisa del estudiante con alfileres.
Pin the fabric so you can sew it here.Sujeta la tela con alfileres para poderla coser aquí.
9. (to hold still) 
a. sujetar 
The officer pinned the suspect until backup arrived.El oficial sujetó al sospechoso hasta que llegaron los refuerzos.
10. (to assign) 
a. cargar 
Leo robbed the store and pinned the blame on someone else.Leo robó en la tienda y le cargó la culpa a otro.
b. cifrar 
The school pinned their hopes of a championship on their new quarterback.La escuela cifró sus esperanzas de ganar un campeonato en su nuevo mariscal de campo.
plural noun
11. (colloquial) (anatomy) 
a. las patas (F) (colloquial) 
He must be in a hurry. His pins are moving fast.Debe tener prisa, mueve las patas rápidamente.
1. (for sewing) 
a. el alfiler (M) 
2. (bolt) 
a. la clavija (F) 
3. (of grenade) 
a. el seguro (M) 
4. (medicine) 
a. el clavo (M) 
5. (electric) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
two/three pin plugenchufe de dos/tres clavijas
you could have heard a pin dropse oía el vuelo de una mosca
6. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
pins and needleshormigueo m
(firing) pinpercutor m
(safety) pinimperdible m
pin moneydinero extra
transitive verb
7. (fasten with pin) 
a. clavar 
8. (hold still) 
a. sujetar, atrapar 
to pin somebody against or to a wallatrapar a alguien contra una pared
to pin the blame on somebodycargar la culpa a alguien
he pinned his hopes on thempuso or cifró sus esperanzas en ellos
pin [pɪn]
1 (Cos) alfiler (m)
use pins to keep the braid in place as you work it is so tiny it would fit on the head of a pin
(also safety pin) imperdible (m); seguro (m); (CAm) (Méx)
I took the pins out of his nappy
(also hairpin) horquilla (f);(also hatpin) alfiler (m) (de sombrero); (brooch) alfiler (m)
she had a rhinestone pin on her hat I just pulled the pin out of the hat, and stuck it into him
a big coral pin her father had brought her from Naples an emerald-studded lapel pin in the form of a sunburst
(also drawing pin) chincheta (f); chinche (m) (f); (LAm)
there were three red pins on the map behind his chair
(also clothes pin) (US) pinza (f) (de la ropa)
pins and needles hormigueo (m)
I've got pins and needles (in my foot)
to be on pins and needles (US) estar hecho un manojo de nervios; estar en or sobre ascuas
you could have heard a pin drop se oía el vuelo de una mosca
when I reached the podium, you could hear a pin drop because so many people were straining to hear what I would say there was a two-minute silence during which you could have heard a pin drop you could have heard a pin drop when I told them
like a new pin
as neat as a (new) pin
(clean) como una patena; limpio como un espejo; (tidy) pulcro y muy ordenado
she was in black, neat as a pin /the bed was as neat as a pin/, it hadn't been slept in he was neat as a pin - I never had to pick up after him they left the place like a new pin for me
for two pins I'd knock his head off por menos de nada le rompería la crisma
for two pins I'd tell him what I think of his silly idea for two pins she'd call it a day, here and now
it doesn't matter two pins to me
I don't care two pins
me importa un rábano or comino (informal)
2 (Téc) [of metal] clavija (f)
a board of 18 by 12 inches which had steel pins driven into it the base of the chair is reinforced with steel pins the strings are anchored at the lower end by metal pins hammered into the frame of the instrument a self-inflating raft from which the pin has been yanked
[of wood] espiga (f); clavija (f); (bolt) perno (m)
one hand resting on the starboard belaying pin the heart of the instrument, which holds the tuning pins, must be strong the buffalo-hide covering was brought together in front and fastened with wooden pins massive posts and beams joined with wooden pins the knobs on the drawers are held in place with wooden pins the drawers are reinforced with wooden pins driven vertically through dovetail joints her bun of red hair was held tight with a large wooden pin
(cotter) chaveta (f)
BA has already replaced pins on 24 aircraft airlines have been asked to inspect fuse pins on Boeing 757s
3 (Electricity and Electronics) [of plug] polo (m)
a two-pin continental adaptor
three-pin plug clavija (f) de tres polos; clavija (f) tripolar
4 (Med) (in limb) clavo (m)
they used steel pins to hold his jaw in place while the bones knitted back together the 18-inch steel pin holding his left leg together he is to have an operation on August 15 to remove steel pins from his shattered knee cap
5 (on grenade) anilla (f)
he threatened to pull the pin from the grenade and blow us all up he pulled the pin on the grenade they didn't put the firing pins back in the mortar rounds he pulled the pin of a grenade and lobbed it over the fence they handed me a grenade with the pin pulled
6 (Bowling) bolo (m)
I knocked down eight pins on my first throw
(Golf) banderín (m)
he hit a massive drive which landed inches from the pin the pin was only about 10 feet from the edge of the green
7 pins (legs) patas (informal) (f); bielas (very_informal) (f)
I'm not too steady on my pins these days
transitive verb
1 [+fabric, seam, hem] prender or sujetar con alfileres
there was a note pinned on or to the door había una nota clavada en la puerta; to pin a medal to sb's uniform prender una medalla al uniforme de algn; she had pinned her hair into a bun se había hecho un moño con horquillas
if you haven't any curtains, pin a sheet over the window she pinned the photographs to the noticeboard she was in line waiting to have a medal pinned on her she wore a white leather rose pinned to her blouse everyone was supposed to dance with the bride and pin money on her dress I went there with my heart pinned on my sleeve her plaits were pinned on top of her head
2 (Téc) (with bolt) sujetar (con perno)
to pin one's hopes on sth/sb cifrar or depositar sus esperanzas en algo/algn; the Democrats are pinning their hopes on the next election los demócratas tienen cifradas sus esperanzas en las próximas elecciones; you can't pin the blame on me no podéis cargarme con la culpa; they're trying to pin the murder on us tratan de culparnos del asesinato; there was nothing they could pin on him no podían acusarlo or culparlo de nada
hopes are pinned on finding a suitable vaccine I pin my faith on public opinion I shouldn't pin all your hopes on it if I were you the City is pinning its hopes on a pick-up in the market the company has been pinning its hopes on bumper sales at Christmas to boost the market hopes are pinned on a cut in interest rates to 9.5% to kick-start the economy some more rational basis on which to pin their faith the trade unions are pinning the blame for the violence on the government it would be unfair to pin the blame solely on the Prime Minister
4 (immobilize)
two men pinned him to the floor dos hombres lo sujetaron en el suelo; his arms were pinned to his sides llevaba los brazos sujetos a los costados; they pinned me against the wall me sujetaron contra la pared
the fallen tree pinned him against the house
pin money (n) dinero (m) para gastos menores
most women, like men, work from economic necessity and not for pin money great-grandmother crocheted rugs during the Depression for pin money I was working on and off, earning pin money by typing and modelling.
pin table (n) millón (m); flíper (m)


masculine noun
1. (small insignia) 
a. pin 
Los seguidores del partido de derechas llevaban un pin azul en la solapa.The supporters of the right-wing party were wearing a blue pin on their lapels.
b. badge 
La empresa promociona sus productos regalando pines con su logotipo.The company is advertising their products by giving out free badges with their logo on.
2. (personal identification number) 
a. PIN 
Por cuestiones de seguridad, no se debería usar el mismo pin para todas las tarjetas.For security reasons, you shouldn't use the same PIN for all your cards.
3. (electronics) 
a. pin 
Los pines del conector son metálicos para que pueda pasar la corriente.The pins in the connector are metal so that the current can pass through.
1. (general) 
a. pin, (lapel) badge 
pins (plural)
1 (insignia) badge
2 (Electricidad y Eléctronica) pin
El diplomático luce en su corbata un pequeño [pin] que podría ser la insignia del Barça. ...catálogos, revistas especializadas, calendarios, muñecos articulados, [chapas,] [pins,] [badges,] discos, cromos, chicles, llaveros y mil cosas más. De Estados Unidos nos llega la moda de los [pins,] esas chapitas que adornan las cazadoras vaqueras y las [chupas] de los jóvenes. Dos [euroconectores] de 21 [pins.] El nº1 con señal RGB conectada. La segunda cubierta deslizante esconde las conexiones del interface, conexiones en el standard paralelo y serial de 25 [pins] del tipo D. Cerca del SPARC hay una fila de chips RAM estáticos de 25 [pines] que actúan como caché RAM. La apertura de una tapa en el costado nos muestra tres salidas: paralelo, serie (de 9 [pines)] y una salida de vídeo con señal RGB.
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