1. (aviation) 
The pilot flies to Madrid every week.El piloto vuela a Madrid todas las semanas.
2. (nautical) 
The pilot directed the ship around the shoal.El práctico dirigió la nave alrededor del banco de arena.
The tug pilot guided the ship through the harbor.El piloto del remolcador guió el buque por el puerto.
3. (light signal) 
a. el piloto (M) 
The pilot went out, so now we have cold water.El piloto se apagó, así que ahora tenemos agua fría.
4. (radio, television) 
The pilot made me fall down laughing. This is going to be a great series.El programa piloto me hizo caer de la risa. Va a ser una gran serie.
5. (trial) 
We have five different pilot projects being evaluated in different hospitals.Tenemos cinco proyectos experimentales que se están evaluando en varios hospitales.
b. piloto 
The pilot episode was great, but the series was a disappointment.El episodio piloto estuvo genial, pero la serie fue una decepción.
transitive verb
6. (aviation, nautical) 
a. pilotar 
She pilots a tug in the harbor.Ella pilota un remolcador en el puerto.
b. pilotear 
Do you think you can pilot a plane this big?¿Crees que puedes pilotear un avión tan grande?
7. (to guide) 
a. llevar 
Tina piloted the team to victory.Tina llevó el equipo a la victoria.
8. (to test) 
We are piloting a new reading program at our school this year.Estamos poniendo a prueba un nuevo programa de lectura en la escuela este año.
1. (of plane, ship) 
a. el piloto (M)la piloto (F) 
2. (television) 
a. no direct translation 
pilot (program)programa piloto
pilot lightpiloto m
pilot scheme/studyproyecto m/estudio piloto
transitive verb
3. (plane, ship) 
a. pilotar 
pilot [ˈpaɪlət]
1 (Aer) piloto (m)
air testing had been carried out by the best test pilots the test pilots spent months sorting out difficulties with the ailerons, rudder, nose gear, and wheel brakes the helicopter pilot tried a dramatic rescue attempt
2 (Náut) práctico (m); piloto (m)
pilot light See culture box in entry pilot.
pilot programme See culture box in entry pilot.
transitive verb
1 (Aer) (Náut) pilotar; pilotear; especially (LAm)
a plane piloted by Prince Charles he piloted his own plane part of the way to Washington what sort of plane was he piloting? he managed to pilot all the vessels into safe harbour /a remotely piloted vehicle/ with a camera on board to seek out targets David was piloting the boat when it crashed he supplemented his income by piloting French barges the helicopter was piloted down between clouds of smoke but could not land
2 (guide) conducir; (test) [+scheme] poner a prueba
he piloted the negotiations through condujo las negociaciones a buen fin
he piloted the conversation towards safer waters he piloted us through the crowd he piloted the country through the difficult post-war period he took him by the arm and piloted him towards a window he piloted the privatization of state-owned companies /she piloted a community policing program/ and began one of the first programs for combating domestic violence the computer programme is been piloted as a supplement to the regular curriculum a new initiative piloted by selected companies a franchising scheme currently being piloted in two legal practices the trust is looking for 50 schools to pilot a programme aimed at teenage pupils preparing for work
to pilot a bill through the House asegurar la aprobación de un proyecto de ley
[+project, scheme] piloto; experimental
pilot boat (n) barco (m) del práctico
they were picked up by a pilot boat that happened to be near the scene of the accident
pilot episode (n) (TV) episodio (m) piloto
pilot error (n)
the airline blamed pilot error for the crash la compañía achacó el accidente a un error del piloto
pilot fish (n) pez (m) piloto
turtles, accompanied by pilot fish, are being regularly sighted
pilot house (n) (Náut) timonera (f)
Mr. Campbell went into the pilot house and took command of the boat
pilot's licence (n) licencia (f) de piloto
He gained his private pilot's licence in March 1970
pilot light (n) piloto (m)
check to see if the pilot light has gone out it is better to buy gas heaters which have a pilot light and thermostat the washing machine has a pilot light on the door lock to indicate the end of its cycle in the cupboard was a wooden box which contained two switches and two pilot lights, one red, one green
pilot officer (n) oficial (m) piloto
the most junior commissioned rank in the British Royal Air Force and in certain other air forces he joined the RAF as a pilot officer
pilot plant (n) (Ind) planta (f) de prueba; planta (f) piloto
the company moved immediately to full-scale production without taking the usual step of first building a pilot plant a pilot plant to test equipment used for uranium enrichment
pilot programme (n) (TV) programa (m) piloto
pilot study (n) estudio (m) piloto
small inexpensive pilot studies could be used to test the process before it is increased in scale this child is one of a number who are taking part in /a pilot study of children exposed to drugs in the womb/ a pilot study carried out in 1984 showed that his method was far more effective
pilot whale (n) calderón (m) negro
the Faroese still hunt pilot whales the 20ft pilot whales were found beached on the Isle of Lewis
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the pilot speaks to the passengers
piloto habla con los pasajeros
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