1. (fragment) 
a. el pedazo (M) 
I couldn't finish my meal and I left a piece of meat on the plate.No pude acabarme la comida y dejé un pedazo de carne en el plato.
b. el trozo (M) 
This piece of chocolate cake is too big for me!¡Este trozo de pastel de chocolate es demasiado grande para mí!
2. (component) 
a. la pieza (F) 
There's a piece missing in the engine; that's why it doesn't work.Al motor le falta una pieza, por eso no funciona.
3. (art) 
a. la pieza (F) 
Pablo Picasso produced hundreds of ceramic pieces in the last few years of his life.Pablo Picasso produjo cientos de piezas de cerámica en los últimos años de su vida.
4. (specimen) 
a. la pieza (F) 
This piece of fine pottery belongs to a lost civilization.Esta pieza de cerámica fina pertenece a una civilización perdida.
5. (item) 
a. la pieza (F) 
Would you like a piece of fruit?¿Quieres una pieza de fruta?
b. no direct translation 
Can I offer you a piece of advice?¿Te puedo ofrecer un consejo?
This piece of furniture would look better over there.Este mueble se vería mejor por allá.
6. (music) 
a. la pieza (F) 
The orchestra played a piece by Mozart before introducing the conductor.La orquesta tocó una pieza de Mozart antes de presentar al director.
7. (theater) 
a. la pieza (F) 
The actors performed a piece by Lope de Vega.Los actores presentaron una pieza de Lope de Vega.
8. (journalism) 
Did you see the piece in The Times about new solar technologies?¿Viste el artículo en The Times acerca de las nuevas tecnologías solares?
9. (coin) 
a. la moneda (F) 
His grandfather bought the table with a 50 pence piece 100 years ago.Su abuelo compró la mesita con una moneda de 50 peniques hace 100 años.
b. la pieza (F) 
Isaac paid his uncle 50 gold pieces for his business.Isaac le pagó 50 piezas de oro a su tío por su negocio.
10. (games) 
a. la ficha (F) 
Do you want to play checkers? - Sure, but I'm missing a red piece.¿Quieres jugar a las damas? - Está bien, pero me falta una ficha roja.
b. la pieza (F) 
My chess pieces are made of wood.Las piezas de mi juego de ajedrez están hechas de madera.
11. (weapon) 
The cowboy grabbed his piece, took aim, and shot.El vaquero agarró su pistola, apuntó y disparó.
b. la pieza (F) 
Thousands of artillery pieces were left lying in French battlefields after World War I.Miles de piezas de artillería quedaron tendidas en los campos de batalla franceses después de la Primera Guerra Mundial.
c. la pipa (F) (slang) (Spain) 
The gangster aimed his piece at the store clerk, and the clerk fainted.El gánster apuntó con la pipa al encargado de la tienda, y este se desmayó.
12. (distance) 
a. el trecho (M) 
Does Bonnie live next door? - No, but she's close by. She lives down the road a piece.¿Bonnie vive en la casa de al lado? - No, pero vive cerca, a un trecho hacia abajo por esta calle.
13. (pejorative) (slang) (woman) 
a. la tipa (F) (colloquial) (pejorative) 
Who is that hot piece standing by the bar?¿Quién es esa tipa sexy parada al lado del bar?
b. la tía (F) (colloquial) (Spain) 
Did you see Paco's girlfriend? - Yeah, she's a nice piece.¿Viste a la novia de Paco? - Sí, es una tía guapa.
1. (of paper, meat, cake) 
a. el trozo m, pedazo (M) 
2. (of cloth, music) 
a. la pieza (F) 
3. (newspaper article) 
a. el artículo (M) 
a piece of adviceun consejo
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
it was a piece of cakeestaba tirado or chupado
a piece of carelessnessun descuido
a piece of clothinguna prenda (de vestir)
a piece of furnitureun mueble
a piece of landun terreno
that was a piece of (good) luck!¡fue (una) suerte!
a piece of luggageun bulto (de equipaje)
a piece of newsuna noticia
piece ratetarifa f a destajo
5. (in games, of jigsaw puzzle) 
a. la pieza (F) 
6. (in dominoes, drafts) 
a. la ficha (F) 
7. (coin) 
a. no direct translation 
five/fifty pence piecemoneda de cinco/cincuenta peniques
8. (of artillery) 
a. la pieza (F) 
9. (colloquial) 
a. la pipa (F) (gun) 
b. el fierro (M) (Latin America) 
10. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
they are all of a pieceestán cortados por el mismo patrón
to be still in one pieceestar sano(a) y salvo(a)
to give somebody a piece of one's mindcantar las cuarenta a alguien
he said his piecedijo lo que pensaba
piece by piecepaso por paso, poco a poco
11. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to go to piecesderrumbarse
to fall to piecescaerse a pedazos
to take something to piecesdesmontar algo
piece [piːs]
1 (fragment) trozo (m); pedazo (m)
cut the ham into pieces I bought a nice piece of beef there was a three-inch piece of glass lodged in his chest he made the cart from the wheels of his sister's old dolls' pram and some pieces of wood to [break] in(to) pieces the plane broke into pieces and was engulfed in flames he dropped the cup and it broke in pieces
to come to pieces hacerse pedazos; romperse
it just came to pieces in my hand
to fall to pieces caerse a pedazos; romperse
the furniture was falling to pieces do you wear your old clothes until they fall to pieces? halfway home the body of the car literally fell to pieces the house is falling to pieces round our heads to [hack] sth/sb to pieces these kids were up on the wall hacking it to pieces with crowbars both men were hacked to pieces by a gang armed with knives their killers had dragged their bodies upstairs to the bathroom where they were decapitated and then hacked to pieces with a butchers axe
my watch lay in pieces on the pavement mi reloj quedó destrozado en la acera; mi reloj quedó en la acera hecho pedazos
his life lay in pieces su vida estaba destrozada
when my marriage ended I was [in] pieces
a piece of sth
a piece of bread un trozo or un pedazo de pan; a piece of cake una porción or un trozo de tarta; another piece of cake? ¿quieres más tarta?; a piece of cheese/glass un trozo de queso/cristal
be careful, there are some pieces of glass on the floor
a piece of paper un trozo or una hoja de papel; un papel; a piece of string un trozo de cuerda; un cabo; a piece of toast una tostada; I've got a piece of grit in my eye tengo una mota en el ojo
a piece of [cake] she fetched a piece of paper and an envelope from the desk she'd copied it onto the smallest possible piece of paper and sewn it into the lining of her coat a piece of [soap] seal the polythene covering by tying a piece of string firmly at the top
(all) in one piece
the vase is still in one piece el jarrón sigue intacto; we got back all in one piece llegamos sanos y salvos; he had a nasty fall but he's still in one piece sufrió una mala caída pero no le pasó nada; it is made (all) in one piece está hecho de una sola pieza
we got it back all in one piece surprisingly, most of the crockery was still in one piece I'm going to do anything I have to do to get out of here in one piece
to pick or pull sth to pieces [+argument, theory] echar por tierra algo
she pulled his argument to pieces they would meet to critically pull each other's work to pieces I explained my theory and he just pulled it to pieces to [shoot] sth/sb to pieces our pilots were getting shot to pieces over enemy lines being shot to pieces is a clean death for a soldier his hat and clothing were literally shot to pieces his proposals were shot to pieces by his colleagues now he's just disappeared the whole schedule's shot to pieces the economy is shot to pieces, thousands are losing their jobs every day
to smash (sth) to pieces
the glass fell off the table and smashed to pieces el vaso se cayó de la mesa y se hizo añicos; I smashed the vase to pieces rompí el jarrón en mil pedazos; hice el jarrón añicos; the boat was smashed to pieces on the rocks el barco se estrelló contra las rocas y se hizo añicos
I was so angry I felt like smashing the place to pieces to [tear] sb to pieces the dogs pounced on him and tore him to pieces the crowd will tear him to pieces her daughter had been torn to pieces by two rottweilers he tore them to pieces in his report on their work I'm certain he wouldn't do that - his colleagues would tear him to pieces he made numerous errors of fact and was torn to pieces during question time to [tear] sth to pieces she tore the letter to pieces they train the hounds to tear foxes to pieces the party is being torn to pieces by political infighting he tore the theory to pieces
to go to pieces [+person] (break down) quedar deshecho; quedar hecho pedazos; (lose one's grip) desquiciarse
I can't concentrate any more - my work is all going to pieces our world of fifteen years ago is gone to pieces
she went to pieces when Arnie died quedó deshecha or hecha pedazos cuando Arnie murió; every time he's faced with a problem he goes to pieces cada vez que se ve ante un problema se desquicia or el pánico se apodera de él
Grace had gone to pieces after the tragedy Steve Martin is in great form as the dad who goes to pieces preparing for his only daughter's wedding she has simply let herself go to pieces give them a bit of real work to do and they go to pieces he did not go to pieces as I feared he might it puts an impossible burden on her - she goes to pieces
it's a piece of cake es pan comido (informal)
to give sb a piece of one's mind decir cuatro verdades a algn; cantar las cuarenta a algn (informal)
he got a piece of my mind le dije cuatro verdades; le canté las cuarenta (informal)
how very thoughtless - I'll give him a piece of my mind
to pick up the pieces
they always leave me to pick up the pieces siempre me toca sacarles las castañas del fuego; siempre dejan que sea yo el que pague los platos rotos; she never picked up the pieces after her fiancé died nunca logró superar la muerte de su prometido; nunca rehizo realmente su vida después de la muerte de su prometido
to leave sb to pick up the pieces when the confusion dies down, we can try to pick up the pieces do we try and prevent problems or do we try and pick up the pieces afterwards?
thrill: thrilled to bits pieces
2 (part, member of a set) pieza (f)
there's a piece missing from this jigsaw the missing pieces of the jigsaw which will help solve the murders suddenly all the pieces fit together
piece by piece pieza por or a pieza
the storm tore their homes apart piece by piece piece by piece he assembled the rifle the bridge was transported piece by piece to California the front facade of the building has to be taken down piece by piece and then put back
it comes to pieces se desmonta; es desmontable
his bicycle was lying in pieces in the garage the equipment was taken down the shaft in pieces they came in pieces to be assembled up in Belfast
(all) of a piece
Dostoyevsky's life and work are of a piece la vida y las obras de Dostoyevsky son uno y lo mismo
the back is all of a piece with the seat this is of a piece with what he told us their evidence and argument were of a piece Pimlico is still remarkably of a piece, architecturally the essays that Parsons completed in the latter part of his life are of a piece with his earlier work the biosphere is all of a piece, an immense, integrated, living system to [put] [fit] the pieces together she fitted the torn pieces of the letter together on the table
Amy was putting the pieces together now ahora Amy estaba juntando or atando los cabos
he wasn't speaking too clearly, but I put the pieces together you start probing, questioning for details and, little by little, you can put the pieces together
to take sth to pieces desmontar or desarmar algo
he took to pieces and reassembled an entire engine he took it all to pieces, cleaned it inside and out and put it together again he took my essay to pieces
3 (as suffix)
a four-piece band un grupo de cuatro músicos
a hundred-piece [dinner service]
a three-piece suit un traje con chaleco
a three-piece suite un juego de sofá y dos butacas; un tresillo; (Esp)
a tidy little lounge, with a velour-covered three-piece suite and floral wallpaper
a fifteen-piece tea set un juego de té de quince piezas
4 (item)
[paid] by the piece workers are paid by the piece they pay their employees by the piece [sold] by the piece Chinese lanterns sold by the piece
a piece of advice un consejo
to sell sth by the piece vender algo suelto
he goes around selling eggs by the piece
a piece of clothing una prenda (de vestir)
we made a rope from old pieces of clothing I had already put on every piece of clothing I owned £400 seems a lot to spend on a piece of clothing
a piece of equipment un aparato
an expensive piece of [equipment] a sensitive piece of equipment used to detect radiation
a piece of evidence una prueba
the crucial piece of [evidence]
a piece of furniture un mueble
she had the largest bedroom, furnished with pieces from the old house
a piece of information un dato
he gave me a useful piece of information a piece of [land] people struggle to get the best piece of land he cultivated his own little piece of land we wanted to buy a piece of land to build our own house
a piece of legislation una ley
a highly complex piece of [legislation] a piece of [luggage]
you are allowed two pieces of luggage se le permite llevar dos bultos
how many pieces of luggage do you have? each passenger is allowed two 30 kg pieces of luggage
a piece of news una noticia
I have a piece of news that will interest you she told me an interesting piece of news
your essay was a sloppy piece of work tu redacción deja mucho que desear
one of Rembrandt's earlier pieces of work the decorators have given me an estimate for a piece of work I need doing the doctors did a good piece of work on his arm she was rolling pieces of clay between her hands in the abstracted manner which was always the prelude to a new piece of work
5 (instance)
it was a stunning piece of stupidity
it was a piece of luck fue una suerte
what a piece of luck you called round qué suerte que te hayas pasado por aquí
then another piece of luck came my way their biggest piece of luck came during the second half
6 (composition) (Press) artículo (m); (Mús) (Art) (Teat) pieza (f)
a piano piece una pieza para piano
there's a piece in the newspaper about it this play is a brilliant piece of theatre they want to see a piece of my work a piece out of a book I disagree with Andrew Russell over his piece on British Rail the day after his death there was a piece about him on television /a recent piece of [research]/ suggests that this theory is false her latest novel is /a fine piece of [writing]/ she played us a piece on the piano it is one of the best pieces he ever wrote it was a classic piece called Forever Is For Us the Glassworks record begins with a solo piano piece some of her pieces sell for thousands of pounds piece to camera pieces to camera A piece to camera is a section of a film or television programme in which the actor or presenter addresses the audience directly by speaking to the camera rather than to another person. The locations for Dimbleby's pieces to camera are inspired to do a piece to camera When we are doing a piece to camera I always ask if we can do it in the shade
to say one's piece decir uno lo que tiene que decir
I said my piece and left I'll answer your questions when I've said my piece right, now I've said my piece, I'll sit down
none of the pieces is insured each piece is unique, an exquisite painting of a real person, done on ivory
7 (Mil)
artillery piecespieces of artillery piezas (f) de artillería
dozens of tanks and heavy artillery pieces they must have at least a thousand tanks and another thousand pieces of artillery Helicopters brought in the heavier artillery pieces
8 (in chess) pieza (f); (in draughts, backgammon) ficha (f)
9 (coin) moneda (f)
a silver lighter no bigger than a 50p piece
a 10 pence piece una moneda de 10 peniques
the machine wouldn't take 10p pieces
a piece of eight un real de a ocho
instead of burying treasure like the pirates, Yankee traders converted their pieces of eight to legal plate
10 (US) (distance)
his place is down the road a piece su casa está un poco más allá bajando la calle
11 (woman) tipa (informal) (f); tía (f) (informal); (Esp)
a nice little piece una tía buena (informal); (Esp) una tipaza (informal)
> flighty: flighty piece
piece rate (n) (Comm) tarifa (f) por pieza
they are on piece rates les pagan por pieza or a destajo
they are paid piece rates and foremen expect them to work at high speed because they are on a piece rate speed is very important to them
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