feminine noun
1. pillory (de ajusticiados)
  • poner a alguien en la picota (figurative) -> to pillory somebody
2. cherry (cereza)

picota [pe-so’-tah]
1. A kind of pillar or gibbet on which the heads of those who have been hanged are exposed. (f)
2. A kind of pillory. (f)
3. Cheek of a pump. (Nautical) (f)
4. Top or peak of a mountain. (f)
5. Point of a turret or steeple. (f)

1 (Archit) point; top; (Geografía) peak
2 (Botánica) bigarreau cherry
3 (Hist) pillory
poner a algn en la picota to pillory sb
4 (nariz) hooter (muy_familiar); conk (muy_familiar)

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