1. (general) 
pick-up (truck)camioneta f
pick-up pointlugar m de recogida
pick-up (arm)brazo m del tocadiscos
2. (colloquial) 
a. la recuperación (F) (improvement) 
pick-up [ˈpɪkʌp]
1 (Mús) (on instrument) pastilla (f); (on microphone) toma (f) de sonidos
we were using the recording sessions of Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony to experiment with double microphone pick-ups
(also pick-up arm) brazo (m) (del tocadiscos)
2 (also pick-up truck) furgoneta (f); camioneta (f)
this rule applies to passenger cars, including vans, pick-ups,and panel trucks he drove an old Ford pick-up
3 (collection)
to make a pick-up [+truck driver, drug runner] recoger algo; the bus made three pick-ups el autobús hizo tres paradas para recoger a gente
we ordered another print for pick-up on Saturday morning
4 (recovery) (in economy, trade, sales) mejora (f); (in prices) subida (f)
the economy had ground to a halt with no real pick-up until towards the end of next year industry watchers remain sceptical about the pick-up in some areas there will no pick-up in prices until the middle of the year there has been a pick-up in sales among the nation's retail giants the predicted pick-up in consumer spending has not materialized
5 (pick-me-up) estimulante (m)
we've found that such patients perk up considerably when they have a sugar-free gelatin as a quick pick-up
6 (sexual)
to him it was just a pick-up él no quería más que ligar con ella (informal); a pick-up joint un garito de ligue (informal)
her smile was relentless —This is a pick-up, — he told himself it was nothing but a pick-up, a clumsy attempted pick-up, something which had happened to her a hundred times they had come to world's most famous pick-up joint
7 (Aut) (acceleration) facilidad (f) de aceleración
Borgward's fuel injection gave very crisp response and pick-up we still have a slight delay in the power pick-up from slow corners
if there isn't a school team for them,they'll play pick-up games on asphalt courts in playgrounds after school
pick-up joint (n) bar (m) de ligoteo (informal)
they had come to world's most famous pick-up joint
pick-up point (n) (for people) parada (f); (for goods) punto (m) de recogida
after the coach leaves Birmingham, there is only one pick-up point before London once you have paid for your goods they can be collected from the pick-up point
usage note
This word may also be spelled “pic-up.”
feminine noun
1. (transport) (Latin America) 
a. pickup truck 
La pick-up es el mejor vehículo para el rancho.A pickup truck is the best vehicle for the ranch.
b. pickup 
He estacionado la pick-up en el garage.I've parked the pickup in the garage.
2. (old-fashioned) (record player) 
a. pickup (old-fashioned) 
En los cincuenta y los sesenta, a los tocadiscos se les llamaba "pick-ups."In the fifties and sixties, record players were called "pickups".
pick-up [piˈkap] [piˈku]
1 (tocadiscos) pickup
2 (Latinoamérica) (camioneta) pickup (truck)
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