"phrase" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. frase (f)
  • phrase book -> manual (m) or guía (f) de conversación
verbo transitivo
2. expresar ; frasear (Mus)

phrase [freis]
1. Frase, la construcción de algunas palabras que forman un sentido perfecto.
2. Frase, estilo, el modo particular con que expresa sus pensamientos cada escritor y la índole y forma especial de las oraciones en cada lengua.
  • As the phrase goes -> (Fam.) como suele decirse; vamos a decir
va. Llamar, nombrar, intitular.

phrase [freɪz]
1 (Gram) (Mús) frase (f)
the opening phrases of the Lord's prayer he punctuated every phrase by slapping the counter the key phrase, though, is "all other things being equal" a writer spends many hours going over and over a scene - changing a phrase here, a word there it was a single short phrase being sung over and over again Stephen played a phrase: Jack replied with a variation
noun/verb phrase frase (f) nominal/verbal
a sentence consists of a noun phrase followed by a verb
2 (expression) frase (f)
she had picked up some useful phrases había aprendido algunas frases útiles
I think the war was, /in Churchill's immortal phrase/, "Britain's finest hour"
I think, to use or to borrow your phrase, that ... creo que, usando tus propias palabras, ...
my German was practically nil - a few phrases here and there that's exactly the phrase I'm looking for it takes its name from the Maori phrase for "good health" that's exactly the phrase I'm looking for it takes its name from the Maori phrase for "good health" knowing so many Greek students in London, she had picked up some useful phrases Grenada was seen as proof, to use Reagan's phrase, that America was back to borrow a famous phrase of the Prime Minister's, a reporter asked Mr Mandela if Mrs Thatcher was a person he could do business with
3 (idiom) locución (f); giro (m)
the French have a phrase for this state of affairs the old phrase "the survival of the fittest" he used a phrase I hate: "you have to be cruel to be kind" the American phrase "laying an egg" meaning to fail at something
1 (orally) expresar; formular
I should have phrased that better debería haberlo expresado or formulado mejor
he paused, wondering how to phrase his answer they phrased it as a question as you so delicately phrased it remember that the way you phrase a question will often determine the response it receives wealth, as my old Grannie used to phrase it, is no guarantee of immortality it was an objection he had to phrase very carefully I would have phrased it quite differently he phrased his question carefully the moment I'd said it, I could see that I'd phrased it wrong he phrased his request vaguely because he was not sure whether he was addressing a servant or a member of the family his ambiguous way of phrasing things
2 (in writing) redactar; expresar
can we phrase that differently? ¿podemos redactar or expresar eso de otro modo?
they will be happy to give advice about how to phrase your application your invitations could be phrased as follows the speech was carefully phrased you may be drafting a letter and choose to revise a poorly phrased sentence immediately the document is phrased in terms of individual rights
a carefully phrased letter una carta redactada con cuidado
3 (Mús) frasear
listen to the way Carreras phrases it the ability to phrase a great melody to its best advantage the concerto, played and directed by Schiff, seemed at times heavily phrased
phrase book (n) libro (m) de frases
we bought a Danish phrase book if you have left the phrase book behind, don't be afraid to point, gesticulate, or otherwise improvise
phrase marker (n) (Ling) marcador (m) de frase
phrase structure (n) (Ling) estructura (f) de frase
the phrase structure of sentence three is shown in the diagram below a phrase-structure [grammar] computer languages can be described using phrase-structure grammars phrase-structure rules can tell us a lot of useful things about sentences any book on generative grammar will explain phrase-structure rules and transformations

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I phrase I phrased I will phrase
you phrase you phrased you will phrase
he/she phrases he/she phrased he/she will phrase
we phrase we phrased we will phrase
you phrase you phrased you will phrase
they phrase they phrased they will phrase
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