1. (general) 
a. la fase f, etapa (F) 
it's just a phase (he's going through)ya se le pasará
out of phasedesfasado(a)
phase [feɪz]
1 etapa (f); fase (f)
the negotiations have reached entered a critical phase during the early initial phases of industrialization in Russia the terminal phase of an illness they have launched phase two of their plan the first phase of the work the civil war appears to have reached its most critical phase children pass through four distinct phases in their development the final phase was financed by a £500,000 grant this autumn, 6000 residents will participate in the first phase of the project the pact marks a new phase in the relationship between the two countries the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle
she'll get over it, it's just a phase (she's going through) se le pasará, es algo pasajero
when I was going through a rebellious phase in high school my parents thought it was simply a phase I was going through and that I would grow out of it most kids will go through a phase of being faddy about what they eat when a child is going through a [difficult] phase
a passing phase una etapa pasajera
her parents think it may be more than just a passing phase a crush on somebody is usually a passing phase
to be in phase (Téc) (Electricity and Electronics) estar en fase
the lights come on in phase
to be out of phase (Téc) (Electricity and Electronics) estar fuera de fase or desfasado; estar desfasado; their policies were increasingly out of phase with a rapidly changing society su política estaba cada vez más desfasada en una sociedad que cambiaba con rapidez
after a long flight your body clock may be out of phase with local time
2 (Astron) fase (f)
ball bearings can turn out badly if manufactured at an inappropriate planetary phase
the phases of the moon las fases de la luna
the Chinese calendar is lunar, being regulated by the phases of the moon
transitive verb
1 (introduce gradually) escalonar; llevar a cabo de forma escalonada
the redundancies will be phased over two years los despidos se llevarán a cabo de forma escalonada durante dos años
they phased the modernization of the factory it involved a phased programme going over a twenty-five-year period
2 (coordinate) organizar
the peace process will have to phased at a pace that people can accommodate we must phase the various processes so as to lose as little time as possible the changes were phased carefully so as to avoid unemployment
phased development desarrollo (m) por etapas
regular rail services will not be well established until mid-1994 following a phased development
phased withdrawal retirada (f) progresiva
both countries agree on the need for a phased withdrawal of American forces from the Philippines
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