1. (insignificant) 
a. insignificante 
petty cashcaja para gastos menores
petty crimedelitos menores
2. (law) (United States) 
petty larcenydelito de robo por un valor inferior a los 500 dólares
3. (nautical) 
petty officersuboficial de marina
4. (small-minded) 
a. mezquino(a) 
petty [ˈpetɪ]
pettier (comparative)pettiest (superlative)
1 (trivial) [+detail] insignificante; nimio; [+squabble, rivalry, concerns] pequeño; trivial
The directors, with their petty concerns about pensions and auto insurance
2 (minor) [+offence] menor
he's been in and out of prison for petty offences
3 (small-minded, spiteful) mezquino
you're being very petty about it te estás portando de manera muy mezquina
petty cash (n) dinero (m) para gastos menores; caja (f) chica (informal)
petty cash book (n) libro (m) de caja auxiliar
petty crime (n) delito (m) menor
a life of petty crime the increase in petty crime
petty larceny (n) robo (m) de menor cuantía
petty officer (n) suboficial (m) de marina
petty sessions (n) tribunal (m) de primera instancia
petty theft (n) robo (m) de poca monta
petty thief (n) ladrónonaladrona (m) (f) de poca monta;ona ladrona
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