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masculine noun
1. kit bag
  • doblar el petate (informal figurative) to kick the bucket (CAm, Mexican Spanish)
  • liar el petate (informal figurative) to pack one's bags and go; (marcharse) (peninsular Spanish) to kick the bucket (morir) (CAm, Mexican Spanish)
1 (estera) grass mat; especialmente (Latinoamérica) [de palma] mat of palm leaves; (para dormir) sleeping mat
2 (equipaje) bundle of bedding and belongings; (Mil) kit bag
liar el petate to pack; (irse) to pack up and go; clear out (familiar); (morir) to kick the bucket (familiar)
3 (estafador) cheat; trickster
4 (pobre hombre) poor devil
se descubrió el petate the fraud was uncovered
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