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masculine noun
1. firecracker (cohete), banger (British)
2. bore (informal) (aburrimiento)
  • ¡qué petardo de película! what a boring film!
3. joint (informal) (porro) (peninsular Spanish)
masculine or feminine noun
4. horror, ugly person (informal) (persona fea)
1 (cohete) banger; firecracker; (explosivo) small explosive device; (Mil) petard;
2 (lo que aburre) bore; drag
ser un petardo to be dead boring (familiar)
3 (mujer fea) hag (muy_familiar); old hag (muy_familiar)
4 (droga) joint (muy_familiar)
5 (estafa) fraud; swindle
pegar un petardo pull a fast one;a on;
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