"pescar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to catch (peces)
2. to catch (informal) (contraer) (enfermedad)
3. to catch (informal) (atrapar)
  • lo pescaron intentando entrar sin pagar -> he got caught trying to get in without paying
4. to land, to get oneself (informal) (conseguir)
  • pescó un buen marido -> she landed herself a good husomebodyand
5. to pick up, to understand (informal) (entender)
  • ¿has pescado el chiste? -> did you get the joke?
intransitive verb
6. to fish, to go fishing

pescar [pes-car’]
article & verb transitive
1. To fish, to angle, to catch fish (coger).
2. To pick up anything.
3. To take one at his word, to catch in the act.
4. To obtain one’s end.
5. To land, to get (lograr), to manage; to grasp (significado).
6. To catch (persona).
verb neuter
7. To fish, to go fishing. (n)
8. La chica viene a ver si pesca, the girl is coming to see if she can get hitched. (n)
9. To nod, to doze. (Andes) (n)
  • Viene a pescar un marido -> she's come to get herself a husband
  • Logró pescar unos cuantos datos -> he managed to bring up a few facts

1 [+peces, mariscos] to catch
pescamos varias truchas we caught several trout; fuimos a pescar salmón we went salmon-fishing
2 (agarrar)
lo ha pescado la policía he's been caught o nabbed (familiar) by the police; ¡si no te abrigas vas a pescar una pulmonía! if you don't wrap up you'll catch pneumonia!; viene a pescar un marido she's come to get o bag (familiar) a husband; me pescaron fumando I got caught smoking; ¡te pesqué! caught you!; got you!
3 (entender) to get
¿aún no has pescado el chiste? haven't you got the joke yet?; en la clase de matemáticas no pesco nada I don't understand a thing in maths
1 [+pescador] to fish
ir a pescar to go fishing; pescar a mosca to fish with a fly; flyfish
pescar a la rastra pescar al arrastre to trawl
pescar en río revuelto to fish in troubled waters
2 (And) (S. Cone) (dormitar) to nod; doze
no sabe lo que se pesca he hasn't a clue (familiar); he has no idea

Verb Conjugations for "pescar" (go to to fish)


yo pesco pesqué pescaba pescaría pescaré
pescas pescaste pescabas pescarías pescarás
él/ella/Ud. pesca pescó pescaba pescaría pescará
nosotros pescamos pescamos pescábamos pescaríamos pescaremos
vosotros pescáis pescasteis pescabais pescaríais pescaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. pescan pescaron pescaban pescarían pescarán
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