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transitive verb
1. to catch (peces)
2. to catch (informal) (contraer) (enfermedad)
3. to catch (informal) (atrapar)
  • lo pescaron intentando entrar sin pagar he got caught trying to get in without paying
4. to land, to get oneself (informal) (conseguir)
  • pescó un buen marido she landed herself a good husomebodyand
5. to pick up, to understand (informal) (entender)
  • ¿has pescado el chiste? did you get the joke?
intransitive verb
6. to fish, to go fishing
transitive verb
1 [+peces, mariscos] to catch
pescamos varias truchas we caught several trout; fuimos a pescar salmón we went salmon-fishing
2 (agarrar)
lo ha pescado la policía he's been caught o nabbed (familiar) by the police; ¡si no te abrigas vas a pescar una pulmonía! if you don't wrap up you'll catch pneumonia!; viene a pescar un marido she's come to get o bag (familiar) a husband; me pescaron fumando I got caught smoking; ¡te pesqué! caught you!; got you!
3 (entender) to get
¿aún no has pescado el chiste? haven't you got the joke yet?; en la clase de matemáticas no pesco nada I don't understand a thing in maths
intransitive verb
1 [+pescador] to fish
ir a pescar to go fishing; pescar a mosca to fish with a fly; flyfish
pescar a la rastra pescar al arrastre to trawl
pescar en río revuelto to fish in troubled waters
2 (And) (S. Cone) (dormitar) to nod; doze
pronominal verb
no sabe lo que se pesca he hasn't a clue (familiar); he has no idea
Verb Conjugations for pescar
Gerund: pescando
Participle: pescado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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