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feminine noun
1. fishing (acción)
  • ir de pesca to go fishing
  • pesca de altura deep-sea fishing
  • pesca de arrastre trawling
  • pesca de bajura coastal fishing
  • pesca con caña angling
  • pesca submarina underwater fishing
2. catch (captura)
3. (informal)
  • y toda la pesca and all the rest of it
  • vinieron Luis, su hermano y toda la pesca Luis, his brother and the rest of the crew all came
1 (actividad) fishing
allí la pesca es muy buena the fishing is very good there; ir de pesca to go fishing; andar a la pesca de to fish for; angle for
pesca a caña angling
pesca a mosca fly-fishing
pesca de altura deep sea fishing
pesca de bajura coastal fishing; shallow water fishing
pesca de la ballena whaling
pesca de perlas pearl fishing
pesca submarina underwater fishing
2 (lo pescado) catch
la pesca ha sido mala it's been a poor catch
... y toda la pesca ... and all the rest of it; ... and whatnot (familiar)
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