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feminine noun
1. perspective (punto de vista)
  • en perspectiva -> in perspective (dibujo)
2. view (paisaje)
3. prospect (futuro)
  • en perspectiva -> in prospect

perspectiva [pers-pec-tee’-vah]
1. Perspective, the science of perspective. (Art) (f)
2. Work executed according to the rules of perspective. (f)
3. View (vista), vista. (f)
4. A deceitful appearance. (f)
  • Buenas perspectivas de mejora -> good prospects
  • Encontrarse ante la perspectiva de -> to be faced with the prospect of

1 (Arte) perspective
en perspectiva in perspective; le falta perspectiva he lacks a sense of perspective
2 (vista) view; scene
3 (posibilidad) prospect
la perspectiva no es nada halagüeña it's a most unwelcome prospect; buenas perspectivas de mejora good prospects for o of improvement; se alegró con la perspectiva de pasar un día en el campo he cheered up with the prospect of spending a day in the country; encontrarse ante la perspectiva de hacer algo to be faced with the prospect of doing sth; tener algo en perspectiva to have sth in prospect; las perspectivas de la cosecha son favorables the harvest outlook is good

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