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transitive verb
1. (to run after)
a. to pursue
La policía persiguió al criminal por tres días antes de capturarlo.The police pursued the criminal for three days before capturing him.
b. to follow
El agente persiguió al vehículo sospechoso por seis cuadras.The agent followed the suspicious vehicle for six blocks.
c. to chase
El león perseguirá la gacela hasta que se canse.The lion will chase the gazelle until it gets tired.
2. (to try to accomplish)
a. to pursue
Ella siempre ha perseguido una carrera de una actriz. She has always pursued a career as an actress.
3. (to pester)
a. to harass
Suele perseguir a la gente hasta que consigue lo que quiere.He tends to harass people until he gets what he wants.
4. (to oppress)
a. to persecute
Durante la inquisición del siglo XVI, se persiguió fuertemente a los judíos. During the inquisition of the 16th century, Jews were heavily persecuted.
transitive verb
1. to pursue (seguir, tratar de obtener)
  • con esta medida, el gobierno persigue la contención de la inflación the government's purpose in taking this measure is to curb inflation
2. to persecute (acosar)
  • lo persiguieron por sus ideas he was persecuted for his beliefs
  • le persigue la mala suerte he's dogged by bad luck
  • los fantasmas de la niñez la persiguen she is tormented by the ghosts of her childhood
transitive verb
1 [+presa, fugitivo] (gen) to pursue; chase; (por motivos ideológicos) to persecute; (acosar) to hunt down; hunt out;
2 [+persona, empleo] to chase after; go after; [+propósito, fin] to pursue
la persiguió durante dos años he was after her for two years; he pursued her for two years; me persiguieron hasta que dije que sí they pestered me until I said yes; lo persiguen los remordimientos he is plagued by remorse; lo persigue la mala suerte he is dogged by ill luck
Verb Conjugations for perseguir
Gerund: persiguiendo
Participle: perseguido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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