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masculine noun
1. harm, damage
  • causar perjuicios (a) to do harm o damage (to)
  • ir en perjuicio de to be detrimental to
  • la reforma educativa favorece a algunas asignaturas en perjuicio de otras the education reform favors some subjects at the expense of others
  • lo haré, sin perjuicio de que proteste I'll do it, but I retain the right to make a complaint about it
damage; harm
el escándalo ha reportado graves perjuicios al ministro the scandal has done the minister serious damage o harm; sufrir grandes perjuicios to suffer great damage; la crisis ha causado enormes perjuicios económicos the crisis has caused severe financial damage
en perjuicio de algo to the detriment of sth; at the expense of sth
han bajado los precios en perjuicio de la calidad prices have fallen to the detriment o at the expense of quality
redundar en perjuicio de algo to be detrimental to sth; harm sth
sin perjuicio de (Jur) without prejudice to
sin perjuicio de que luego me pueda arrepentir even though I might change my mind later; in spite of the fact that I might change my mind later
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