1. (effectiveness) 
This car offers the best performance in its class.Este coche ofrece el mejor rendimiento de cualquier otro en su categoría.
b. el desempeño (M) (Latin America) 
The manager praised his employee's performance.El gerente alabó el desempeño de su empleada.
c. el comportamiento (M) (economy) 
Economists have been tracking the performance of the yen against the dollar.Economistas han estado siguiendo el comportamiento del yen frente al dólar.
d. la actuación (F) (sports) 
After the fourth loss in a row, fans began to complain about the team's performance.Después de la cuarta derrota seguida, los fanáticos comenzaron a quejarse sobre la actuación del equipo.
2. (theater) 
There are two performances of the new play per day.Están ofreciendo dos representaciones por día de la nueva obra.
I prefer to attend the 4 o'clock performance with the kids.Prefiero ir a la función de las cuatro con los niños.
We will have to go to the late performance.Tendremos que ir a la sesión de noche.
3. (rendition) 
She gave the best performance of her career in her last movie.Ella dio la mejor interpretación de su carrera en su última película.
4. (colloquial) (exaggerated action) 
a. el número (M) (colloquial) 
My daughter always makes a performance of cleaning her room.Mi hija siempre monta un número cuando limpia su cuarto.
5. (linguistics) 
Performance describes both the production and comprehension of a language.La actuación describe tanto la producción como la comprensión de un lenguaje.
1. (of task) 
a. la realización f, ejecución (F) 
2. (of duty) 
a. el cumplimiento (M) 
performance appraisalevaluación del rendimiento
3. (of actor, sportsperson) 
a. la actuación (F) 
4. (of pupil, economy) 
a. el comportamiento (M) 
5. (of machine, car) 
a. la rendimiento m, prestaciones (F) 
6. (of play) 
a. la representación (F) 
7. (fam fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to make a performance (about something)armar un escándalo or
performance [pəˈfɔːməns]
1 (Teat) (Mús) etc (session) (Teat) función (f); (Cine) sesión (f)
tonight's performance will end at 9.45 pm (Teat) la función de esta noche terminará a las 21.45
the first night at the Met was sold out and another performance was being added for the following Sunday the interval between the matinee and the [evening] performance the harpist was very nervous before the performance
the late performance (Teat) la función de noche; (Cine) la sesión de noche
two performances nightly (Teat) dos funciones or representaciones por noche; (Cine) dos sesiones por noche
no performance tonight esta noche no hay función; no hay representación esta noche
(presentation) [of play, opera, ballet] representación (f); [of piece of music] interpretación (f)
he hurt his foot during a performance of Swan Lake a performance of the Marriage of Figaro we had tickets for a performance of the Marriage of Figaro he talked all through the performance of the Seventh Symphony the performance was marred by a string breaking on his violin
it has not had a performance since 1950 (Teat) no se ha representado desde 1950; (Mús) no se ha interpretado desde 1950; the play ran for over 300 performances la obra tuvo más de 300 representaciones
the play had 300 performances we're hoping to put on a performance of Hamlet after the performance I went to see her in her dressing room the play folded after two performances the Festival Of Asian Arts & Music will include two days of live performances actors getting ready for a performance inside the theatre, they were giving a performance of Bizet's Carmen the composer himself was to conduct the performance the high standards he brought to the performance of orchestral music
first performance estreno (m)
video footage of the band in performance unas secuencias en vídeo del grupo en concierto
you may be able to catch him in performance
(by actor, singer) actuación (f); interpretación (f); (by pianist, orchestra) interpretación (f); (by comedian) actuación (f)
Elizabeth Taylor gave a splendid performance her performance as Nina in Chekhov's The Seagull earned her a prestigious award
his performance as Don Juan was excellent su actuación en el papel or su interpretación del papel de Don Juan fue excelente
this will be her first performance at Covent Garden esta será su primera actuación en Covent Garden
we didn't like his performance [as] Don Juan an innovative film about two drifters, with fine performances from River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves her performance as the betrayed Medea the performance of the alto soloist was exceptional a fine performance of the ninth symphony her performance of the Chopin could not be faulted the critics rhapsodized over her performance of the Mozart piano concerto
2 (effectiveness) [of investment, worker] rendimiento (m); [of currency] comportamiento (m); [of team, athlete, racehorse] actuación (f); [of company] resultados (m); [of vehicle] rendimiento (m); performance (f); (LAm)
unnecessarily high speeds are bad for fuel economy and do little for performance
[of machine] (productivity) rendimiento (m); (working) funcionamiento (m)
the performance of the pound against the mark el comportamiento de la libra con respecto al marco; we judge people on performance rather than age juzgamos a las personas por su rendimiento y no por su edad
the company's performance has improved on last year
the party's disastrous performance in the elections los pésimos resultados del partido en las elecciones
many people are extremely disappointed with the performance of this government
Britain's poor economic performance in the 1970s el poco rendimiento de la economía británica en los setenta
on past performance, an England victory seems unlikely si nos basamos en las actuaciones anteriores, parece poco probable que Inglaterra vaya a ganar
her poor performance in French su poco rendimiento en francés; sus malos resultados en francés
he didn't put up a very good performance in the exams no obtuvo muy buenos resultados en los exámenes; los exámenes no le salieron muy bien
the team gave or put up a poor performance el equipo tuvo una actuación pobre
Manchester put up a good performance more sophisticated systems monitor the machine's performance a disappointing machine initially, with inadequate performance on take-off and climb the F7/34 showed a major improvement in performance over the Hawker jet the American long rifle gained a reputation for accuracy and performance in both hunting and fighting analysis of industry's performance has shown mistakes in investment policy take a good hard look at the past performance of the fund itself there are a few key measures of performance you should keep track of if you're thinking of buying stocks each worker's performance is appraised twice a year that study looked at the performance of 18 surgeons the chief executive's salary was cut on account of his alleged poor performance it didn't do much to improve my performance as a mother only 25 per cent of the sample approved of the prime minister's performance performance at school: very poor malnutrition in infancy relates to poor performance on cognitive tasks in later life after a disappointing performance in the 220-yards handicap the team's manager was disappointed with the result but not with his side's performance the country's dismal performance at the Olympic Games he recorded the third fastest time in the world last July, a performance he hopes will be enough to gain him a place in the Olympics he managed to shave a few seconds off his best performance on the track the company's poor performance has been blamed on the recession and cheaper sports car imports the company can attribute 30% of sales to its customer service performance academic: academic performance high: high performance
measure: measure of performance, to measure the performance of sth/sb to measure sth's/sb's performance
3 (execution) [of task] realización (f); ejecución (f); [of duty] cumplimiento (m); [of function] ejercicio (m); [of rite, ritual] práctica (f); celebración (f)
she has to rely on others for the performance of the simplest tasks tiene que depender de otros para realizar or ejecutar las tareas más sencillas
he devoted in excess of seventy hours a week to the performance of his duties the performance of his presidential duties
in the performance of his duties en el ejercicio de su cargo
government officials serve without compensation in the performance of their official functions the people believe that the performance of this ritual is the will of the Great Spirit as if it were the performance of some elaborate court ritual
4 (bother, rigmarole) follón (informal) (m); jaleo (informal) (m)
the whole process is quite a performance
it's such a performance getting here llegar aquí supone tal follón or jaleo (informal); what a performance it is to get a visa! ¡conseguir un visado es un verdadero follón or jaleo! (informal)
5 (fuss about nothing) numero (informal) (m)
what a performance she made of making the tea vaya numero que montó para hacer el té (informal)
he made a performance of warming his hands she made a big performance of sprinkling all the spices on I wonder what brought on that little performance! such a performance would have been perfectly in character, but it didn't happen
6 (Ling) actuación (f)
performance art (n) performance art (m)
...the Performance Art of the 1960s, including Events, Happenings, and the new dance ...the most intriguing "performance art" film since Laurie Anderson's Home of the Brave artists who blurred the lines between art and the performance of art until the distinction finally disappeared and /performance art emerged/ people watched a tall, thin figure draped in flowing white cloth methodically release red and black balloons, like spirits into the air - /this performance art piece officially opened the outdoor sculpture exhibition/ a dance to celebrate a good harvest might go on for days or even weeks, but if that dance is to survive in the modern world, /it must be transformed into performance art that can be presented in one evening on a small stage/ Como no sé traducir "performance art" (y aunque "arte escénica" me parece una buena traducción, no la pongo porque no tengo medios para comprobarla) - tampoco puedo traducir "performance artist"
performance car (n) coche (m) de alto rendimiento
a sporty performance car the special and racy feel of being at the wheel of performance cars
performance indicator (n) (Comm) (Economics) indicador (m) del rendimiento
historial $ de rendimiento consider a more expensive fund if it has a better performance record I don't know why they dropped him from the team, with his performance record
performance target (n) objetivo (m) de rendimiento
they reward managers who exceed their performance targets the job of the new director-general was to ensure that performance targets were met future funding could depend on meeting performance targets laid down by the Government if the 3,200 workers fail to meet performance targets, they will get only a basic four per cent pay rise to [set] [establish] performance targets
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dance performance
el espectáculo de baile
de alto rendimiento
musical performance
actuación musical
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