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intransitive verb
1. (to grasp) 
a. to realize (United States) 
Me enfurecí al percatar que todo era solo un engaño.I got angry when I realized everything was a hoax.
b. to realise (United Kingdom) 
Oímos un ruido y nos escondidos en el bosque hasta percatar que sólo era el viento.We heard a noise and hid in the woods until we realised that it was just the wind.
c. to notice 
El ladrón aceleró el carro al percatar que la policía lo seguía.The thief sped up the car when he noticed that the police were in pursuit.
pronominal verb
2. (to become aware of) 
a. to realize (United States) 
Pilar pidió disculpas en cuanto se percató del error que había cometido.Pilar apologized as soon as she realized she had made a mistake.
b. to realise (United Kingdom) 
Estaba buscando mis gafas hasta que me percaté de que estaban en mi cabeza.I was looking for my glasses until I realised that they were on my head.
c. to notice 
No me había percatado de que te habías teñido el pelo de otro color.I hadn't noticed you had changed your hair color.
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