"pequenos" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to sin (religion)
2. (pasarse)
  • pecar de confiado/generoso -> to be overconfident/too generous

pecar [pay-car’]
verb neuter
1. To sin, to violate the laws of God. (n)
2. To sin, to offend against right, to be wanting in what is right and just, or in the rules of art. (n)
3. To commit excesses of any description. (n)
4. To boast, to brag. (n)
5. To have a strong propensity. (n)
6. To occasion or to merit punishment. (n)
  • Peca de generoso -> he is too generous
  • Nunca se peca por demasiado cuidado -> one can't be too careful

1 (Religión) to sin; to err
si he pecado en esto, ha sido por ... if I have been at fault in this, it has been because ...; si me lo pones delante, acabaré pecando if you put temptation in front of me, I shall fall
pecar de to be too; peca de generoso he is too generous; he is generous to a fault; peca por exceso de confianza he is too confident

Verb Conjugations for "pecar" (go to to sin)


yo peco pequé pecaba pecaría pecaré
pecas pecaste pecabas pecarías pecarás
él/ella/Ud. peca pecó pecaba pecaría pecará
nosotros pecamos pecamos pecábamos pecaríamos pecaremos
vosotros pecáis pecasteis pecabais pecaríais pecaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. pecan pecaron pecaban pecarían pecarán
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