1. (spice) 
She prefers to season her steaks with salt and pepper.Ella prefiere sazonar su bistec con sal y pimienta.
2. (fruit) 
I found a package of green, red, and yellow peppers that we can use for the salad.Encontré un paquete de pimientos verdes, rojos y amarillos que podemos usar para la ensalada.
b. el pimentón (M) (Latin America) 
My grandfather's favorite dish is stuffed peppers.El plato preferido de mi abuelo es pimentón relleno.
c. el ají (M) (Caribbean) (Latin America) 
She used the pepper in a sauce for the empanadas.Uso el ají en una salsa para las empanadas.
transitive verb
3. (to put pepper on) 
I like to pepper my eggs a bit.Me gusta sazonar mis huevos con un poco de pimienta.
4. (to bombard) 
The panel peppered him with questions during his thesis defense.El comité lo acribilló con preguntas durante la defensa de su tesis.
5. (to intersperse) 
a. salpicar 
The book wasn't very original; it was peppered with references to other works.El libro no era muy original; estaba salpicado de referencias a otras obras.
1. (spice) 
a. la pimienta (F) 
2. (vegetable) 
a. el pimiento (M) 
b. el chile (M) () 
c. el ají (M) () 
d. el pimentón (M) () 
black/white pepperpimienta negra/blanca
green/red pepperpimiento verde/rojo
pepper millmolinillo de pimienta
pepper potpimentero m
transitive verb
3. (in cooking) 
a. sazonar con pimienta 
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to pepper something with bulletsacribillar a balazos algo
pepper [ˈpepəʳ]
1 (spice) pimienta (f)
season with salt and pepper freshly ground pepper
black/white pepper pimienta (f) negra/blanca
2 (vegetable) pimiento (m); pimentón (m); (S. Cone)
chop the pepper and wash and slice the mushrooms
green pepper pimiento (m) verde; pimentón (m) verde; (LAm) red pepper (capsicum) pimiento (m) rojo; pimiento (m) morrón; pimentón (m) rojo; (LAm)
transitive verb
1 echar or poner pimienta a; sazonar con pimienta
I salted and peppered them and cooked them in butter
2 (bombard) acribillar
the walls were peppered with bullet holes las paredes habían sido acribilladas a balazos
a burst of gunfire from inside the corridor peppered the wall opposite him the land adjacent to the village is now peppered with villas and holiday homes faces peppered with cuts he was wounded in both legs and severely peppered with shrapnel suddenly the garden was peppered with pellets they like to pepper you in the legs at about fifty yards he felt tiny bits of grit and sand peppering his knees the road was peppered with glass
to pepper sth/sb with bullets acribillar algo/a algn a balazos; to pepper sb with questions acribillar a algn a preguntas
reporters peppered her with questions about what was happening in Germany journalists who peppered her with tricky questions about devaluation were out of luck Malcolm found himself staying after class, peppering the instructor with questions
(sprinkle) salpicar
his English is heavily peppered with Americanisms su inglés está salpicado de americanismos
these types of expressions pepper our language they peppered their reports with party jargon Mr. Bush peppered his speech with warnings his criticism was peppered with phrases like "scientifically unacceptable", "politically disastrous" the bill arrives peppered with mysterious extra charges
to pepper a work with quotations salpicar una obra de citas; his hair is peppered with grey tiene el pelo salpicado de canas
a handsome figure with silver-grey peppering his brown hair
pepper mill (n) molinillo (m) de pimienta
pepper plant (n) pimentero (m)
the pepper plants were shaded by beans on poles
pepper pot pepper shaker (US) (n) pimentero (m)
pepper steak (n) filete (m) a la pimienta
the other patrons turned back to their pepper steaks and fries
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