masculine noun
1. banner (estandarte)
masculine or feminine noun
1. floozy (informal) (golfa) (peninsular Spanish); layabout, good-for-nothing (vago)

pendón [pen-done’]
1. Standard, the colors of a country (estandarte). (m)
2. Banner carried in processions. (m)
3. Standard, a shoot or principal branch of a stock, preserved at the felling of woods. (m)
4. Pennon, a family banner, borne in coats of arms. (Heraldy) (m)
5. (coll.) Nickname of a tall, awkward woman. (m)
6. (m)
noun, plural
7. Reins of the leading mule.
8. Whore (prostituta).

1 (bandera) banner; standard; [de forma triangular] pennant
2 (vaga) lazy woman; (mujer promiscua) tart (muy_familiar); slut (muy_familiar)
ser un pendón to be an awkward customer (familiar)

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