1. (writing utensil) 
a. la pluma (F) 
Have you seen the pens I got at the stationery store?¿Ya viste las plumas que compré en la papelería?
This pen doesn't write anymore.Este bolígrafo ya no escribe.
c. la lapicera (F) (South America) 
I need a pen with black ink.Necesito una lapicera con tinta negra.
d. el birome (M) (River Plate) 
I keep all of my pens in this mug.Mantengo todos mis biromes en esta taza.
e. el esfero (M) (Colombia) (Ecuador) 
I prefer writing with pens rather than pencils.Prefiero escribir con esferos en vez de lápices.
f. el lapicero (M) (Andes) (Central America) 
Would you lend me a pen?¿Me prestas un lapicero?
g. el boli (M) (Spain) 
He lost his favorite pen.Él perdió su boli preferido.
2. (fenced area) 
a. la jaula (F) 
It saddens me to see a big animal in a small pen.Me da tristeza ver un animal grande en una jaula pequeña.
b. el corral (M) (horses, cattle) 
The cowboys spent the night in the pen, next to their horses.Los vaqueros pasaron la noche en el corral, junto a sus caballos.
c. el redil (M) (sheep) 
The shepherd put the sheep in the pen.El pastor metió las ovejas al redil.
transitive verb
3. (literary) 
a. escribir 
No one knows who penned that sonnet.Nadie sabe quién escribió ese soneto.
1. (colloquial) (United States) 
a. el trullo (M) (prison) (Spain) 
b. la cana (F) () 
c. el bote (M) (Mexico) 
pen [pen]
(fountain pen) (pluma (f)) estilográfica (f); pluma (f); pluma (f) fuente; (LAm) (ballpoint) bolígrafo (m); (felt tip) rotulador (m)
no pen could describe the agony I was in he took up his pen and began to write scratching out his letters with a bamboo pen a 35 carat diamond pen you can borrow that pen if you want to my hand was shaking so much I couldn't hold the pen she took the cap off her pen never lend your pen to anyone else; they may damage the nib manipulating text is not the only thing you can do with a computer pen - you can also write directly onto a screen the ultimate convenience of pen computing will come with software that will convert your handwriting into computer-readable text pen and [ink] his razor-sharp skills with pen and ink she came inside, took out pen and ink and wrote a few words he had no access to pen and ink or a radio or other links with the outside world pen and [paper] have a pen and paper ready I'll just get a pen and paper
to live by the or one's pen ganarse la vida escribiendo
many things in this world cannot be described, as is known by those who live by the pen
to put pen to paper ponerse a escribir
at last I managed to put pen to paper don't put pen to paper until you're quite sure the initial impetus which caused her first to put pen to paper if you find it difficult to put pen to paper and write to those people to whom you owe a letter he never dreamt that each time he put pen to paper he was signing his own death warrant whenever he put pen to paper he was at a loss for the right words to break the news with the stroke of a pen he made 2,000 people redundant
to wield a pen menear cálamo
the pen is mightier than the sword
transitive verb
[+letter, article, book] escribir; [+poem, song] componer
he penned an indignant letter to the local paper an article penned by the Prime Minister herself Berry has also been penning his autobiography the most prized manuscripts were those penned in gold and silver on huge, dark blue pages in a carefully penned diary kept throughout the war she has also penned a number of romances under a pseudonym she penned a short memo to his private secretary his creative side was so moved that he penned several poems the verses Larkin penned in Oxford during the war in 1986, he penned the song which was to thrust him to fame
pen-and-ink drawing (n) dibujo (m) a pluma
pen friend (n) amigoaamiga (m) (f) por correspondencia;a amiga
he decided to take a pen friend, and enjoyed a long correspondence with an English girl about 150 miles away
pen name (n) seudónimo (m); nombre (m) de guerra
under the pen name Robert Trapper, Voker wrote 11 books
pen nib (n) punta (f) (de pluma)
pen pal (n)
pen friend See culture box in entry pen.
pen wiper (n) limpiaplumas (m)
pen [pen]
1 (enclosure) (for cattle) corral (m); (for sheep) redil (m); aprisco (m); (for bulls) toril (m); (playpen) parque (m) (de niño); corral (m)
we had a fine sow and six pigs in a pen near the barn the pigs were huddled together at the far end of the pen he showed her the pens in which his pheasant chicks were reared the prisoners were kept in vast, hastily constructed pens before being transported to detention camps we herded the cattle into large pens he wasn't sure exactly how a fox could have got into the sheep pen he hates being put in his pen the Submarine Basin, so called because of some First World War submarine pens no U-boat dared venture from its pen in such violent storms holding: holding pen
2 (US) (prison) (also penitentiary) cárcel (f); chirona (f) (informal); (Esp)
he's [in] the pen
transitive verb
[+animal] encerrar; acorralar; [+person]
I've been penned in the kitchen all day he estado metida en la cocina todo el día
in the winter, penned in overheated schools and buses and houses, schoolmates and families begin a wild round robin of infection they'd like to keep the fans permanently penned behind electric fences to drive the cattle back to the house so they could be milked and penned for the night
pen in
transitive verb
[+animal] encerrar; acorralar
she was penned in by the crowd se encontraba acorralada por la muchedumbre; the French had the enemy penned in los franceses tenían al enemigo cercado
you can feel penned in by the mountains
pen up
transitive verb
/the dogs were penned up, but were barking/ and jumping he went out to see about some lambs he had penned up
pen [pen]
(Orn) cisne (m) hembra
1. (in Argentina and Venezuela, National Executive Power) 
a. NEP 
El PEN posee poder legislativo y, por tanto, la facultad de promulgar leyes y decretos.The NEP has legislative power, and therefore, the power to promulgate laws and decrees.
2. (in Spain, National Energy Strategy) 
a. NES 
El PEN no tiene previsto que este año aumenten las emisiones de carbono.The NES does not anticipate that carbon emissions will increase this year.
1 (España)Plan Energético Nacional
2 (Arg)Poder Ejecutivo Nacional
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