intransitive verb
1. (to brawl) 
a. to fight 
Niños, por favor, dejen de pelear.Children, please stop fighting.
2. (figurative) 
a. to argue 
Ellos no se llevan muy bien, siempre están peleando sobre algo.They don't get along very well, they're always arguing about something.
b. to fight 
Mis papás peleaban por años antes de divorciarse. My parents fought for years before getting a divorce.
3. (to strive) 
Está peleando constantemente para mantener a su familia.He is constantly struggling to support his family.
4. (to contend with) 
Los dos finalistas pelearon para la gloria en el concurso de comer perros calientes. The two finalists competed for glory in the hot dog eating contest.
reciprocal verb
5. (to physically fight) 
a. to fight 
Los boxeadores se pelearon una media hora en el campeonato mundial. The boxers fought each other for half an hour in the world championship.
intransitive verb
1. (a golpes) 
a. to fight 
2. (a gritos) 
a. to have a row o quarrel 
3. (esforzarse) 
a. to struggle 
pronominal verb
4. (a golpes) 
a. to fight 
5. (a gritos) 
a. to have a row o quarrel 
6. (enfadarse) 
a. to fall out 
se ha peleado con su hermanohe's fallen out with his brother
intransitive verb
1 (físicamente) to fight
los dos púgiles pelearán por el título mañana the two boxers will fight for the title tomorrow; los perros peleaban por un hueso the dogs were fighting over a bone; siempre me toca pelear con los niños a la hora del baño I'm always the one who has to battle with the children at bathtime
pelear por algo
2 (esforzarse) to struggle
tuvo que pelear mucho para mantener a su familia he had to struggle hard to support his family; it was a hard struggle for him to support his family
pronominal verb
1 (físicamente) to fight
dos niños se estaban peleando en el patio there were two children fighting in the playground; estaban peleándose a puñetazos they were punching each other o laying into each other with their fists; los hermanos se peleaban a patadas the two brothers were kicking each other; se estaban peleando por unos caramelos they were fighting over some sweets; pelearse con algn to fight sb
2 (discutir) to argue; quarrel
siempre nos peleamos cuando hablamos de política we always end up arguing whenever we talk about politics
las vecinas se peleaban a gritos en el portal
3 (romper una relación) [+dos amigos] to fall out; [+novios] to split up; break up
se ha peleado con todas sus amigos he's fallen out with all his friends; se ha peleado con su novio she has broken up o split up with her boyfriend
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