"pelear" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to fight (a golpes)
2. to have a row o quarrel (a gritos)
3. to struggle (esforzarse)
pronomial verb
1. to fight (a golpes)
2. to have a row o quarrel (a gritos)
3. to fall out (enfadarse)
  • se ha peleado con su hermano -> he's fallen out with his brother

pelear [pay-lay-ar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To fight, to combat.
2. To quarrel, to contend, to dispute.
3. To toil, to labor hard.
  • Pelear con todas sus fuerzas -> (coll.) to fight tooth and nail, might and main
verb reflexive
4. To scuffle, to come to blows.

1 (físicamente) to fight
los dos púgiles pelearán por el título mañana the two boxers will fight for the title tomorrow; los perros peleaban por un hueso the dogs were fighting over a bone; siempre me toca pelear con los niños a la hora del baño I'm always the one who has to battle with the children at bathtime
pelear por algo
2 (esforzarse) to struggle
tuvo que pelear mucho para mantener a su familia he had to struggle hard to support his family; it was a hard struggle for him to support his family
1 (físicamente) to fight
dos niños se estaban peleando en el patio there were two children fighting in the playground; estaban peleándose a puñetazos they were punching each other o laying into each other with their fists; los hermanos se peleaban a patadas the two brothers were kicking each other; se estaban peleando por unos caramelos they were fighting over some sweets; pelearse con algn to fight sb
2 (discutir) to argue; quarrel
siempre nos peleamos cuando hablamos de política we always end up arguing whenever we talk about politics
las vecinas se peleaban a gritos en el portal
3 (romper una relación) [+dos amigos] to fall out; [+novios] to split up; break up
se ha peleado con todas sus amigos he's fallen out with all his friends; se ha peleado con su novio she has broken up o split up with her boyfriend

Verb Conjugations for "pelear" (go to to fight)


yo peleo peleé peleaba pelearía pelearé
peleas peleaste peleabas pelearías pelearás
él/ella/Ud. pelea peleó peleaba pelearía peleará
nosotros peleamos peleamos peleábamos pelearíamos pelearemos
vosotros peleáis peleasteis peleabais pelearíais pelearéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. pelean pelearon peleaban pelearían pelearán
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