1. (cabeza) 
a. shorn 
2. (piel, cara) 
a. peeling 
3. (fruta) 
a. peeled 
4. (habitación, monte, árbol) 
a. bare 
5. (número) 
a. exact, round 
saqué un aprobado peladoI passed, but only just
6. (colloquial) 
a. broke 
b. skint (United Kingdom) 
7. (colloquial) () 
a. common person 
b. pleb (United Kingdom) 
c. oik (United Kingdom) 
peladoa pelada
1 (sin pelo)
lleva la cabeza pelada he has his head shaved
2 (por el sol)
tengo la espalda pelada del sol my back is peeling from being in the sun
3 [+fruta, patata] peeled; [+gamba] shelled
tomates pelados peeled tomatoes; solo han dejado los huesos pelados they left nothing but the bones
4 [+terreno] treeless; bare; [+paisaje] bare; [+tronco] bare; smooth
una montaña pelada a bare mountain
5 (escueto) bare
cobra el sueldo pelado he gets just his bare salary; he sacado un cinco pelado I just scraped a five
6 (sin dinero) broke (familiar); penniless
7 (México) (grosero) coarse; rude
8 [+número] round
el cinco mil pelado a round five thousand
9 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (descarado) impudent
(corte de pelo) haircut
1 (pobre) pauper
2 (México) (obrero) working-class person
3 (And) (Centroamérica) (bebé) baby
A stock figure in Mexican theatre and film, the pelado is a kind of rural anti-hero cum lovable rogue who survives by his quick wits in the foreign environment of the city. The Mexican actor and comedian Mario Moreno (1911-94) based the character Cantinflas, for which he is famous all over the Spanish-speaking world, on the pelado. The pelado is closely related to the literary figure of the pícaro and forms part of a long line of anti-heroic characters in Hispanic literature.
note See culture box in entry pícaro.note See culture box in entry carpa.
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