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pelado, -a
1. shorn (cabeza)
2. peeling (piel, cara); peeled (fruta)
3. bare (habitación, monte, árbol)
4. exact, round (número)
  • saqué un aprobado pelado, -a I passed, but only just
5. broke (informal) (sin dinero), skint (British)
masculine or feminine noun
6. common person (informal) (persona humilde) (CAm, Mexican Spanish), pleb (British), oik (British)
peladoa pelada
1 (sin pelo)
lleva la cabeza pelada he has his head shaved
2 (por el sol)
tengo la espalda pelada del sol my back is peeling from being in the sun
3 [+fruta, patata] peeled; [+gamba] shelled
tomates pelados peeled tomatoes; solo han dejado los huesos pelados they left nothing but the bones
4 [+terreno] treeless; bare; [+paisaje] bare; [+tronco] bare; smooth
una montaña pelada a bare mountain
5 (escueto) bare
cobra el sueldo pelado he gets just his bare salary; he sacado un cinco pelado I just scraped a five
6 (sin dinero) broke (familiar); penniless
7 (México) (grosero) coarse; rude
8 [+número] round
el cinco mil pelado a round five thousand
9 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (descarado) impudent
(corte de pelo) haircut
1 (pobre) pauper
2 (México) (obrero) working-class person
3 (And) (Centroamérica) (bebé) baby
A stock figure in Mexican theatre and film, the pelado is a kind of rural anti-hero cum lovable rogue who survives by his quick wits in the foreign environment of the city. The Mexican actor and comedian Mario Moreno (1911-94) based the character Cantinflas, for which he is famous all over the Spanish-speaking world, on the pelado. The pelado is closely related to the literary figure of the pícaro and forms part of a long line of anti-heroic characters in Hispanic literature.
note See culture box in entry pícaro.note See culture box in entry carpa.
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