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peinas is the present form of peinar in the second person singular - View Conjugation
transitive verb
1. (to arrange someone's hair)
a. to comb
Tú ve arreglándote que yo peino al niño.Go on and get ready. I'll comb the baby's hair.
b. to style
¿Vas a salir esta noche? Yo te peino si quieres.Are you going out tonight? I'll style your hair if you'd like.
c. to do someone's hair
Me encanta cómo llevas el pelo. Me tienes que decir quién te peina.I love your hairstyle. You must tell me who does your hair.
2. (to search very thoroughly)
a. to comb
Peinaron el bosque en busca del niño perdido. They combed the woods looking for the lost child.
reflexive verb
3. (to arrange one's hair)
a. to comb one's hair
Péinate un poco antes de salir.Comb your hair a bit before going out.
b. to style one's hair
Deberías peinarte de una forma que te favoreciera más.You should style your hair in a more becoming way.
c. to get one's hair done
¿Adónde puedo ir a peinarme el día de la boda?Where can I go to get my hair done on the wedding day?
transitive verb
1. to comb (también figurative)
pronominal verb
1. to comb one's hair
transitive verb
1 [+pelo] (con peine) to comb; (con cepillo) to brush
me peinan en Zoila's I get my hair done at Zoila's
2 [+caballo] to comb; curry
3 [+zona] to comb
4 (Latinoamérica) [+roca] to cut
5 (Arg) (adular) to flatter
6 (Dep) [+balón] to head
pronominal verb
peinarse to comb one's hair
do one's hair
peinarse a la griega to do one's hair in the Greek style
Verb Conjugations for peinar
Gerund: peinando
Participle: peinado
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