feminine noun
1. throw of a stone (acción)
2. blow o hit with a stone (golpe)
  • a pedradas -> by stoning

pedrada [pay-dah’-dah]
1. Throw or cast of a stone; lapidation (acto). (f)
  • Matar a uno a pedradas -> to stone somebody to death
2. A blow from a stone or the mark left by it. (f)
3. A smart repartee, taunt, sneer. (f)
  • Pedrad -> or pedradas, an exclamation in denouncing a crime, you should be stoned
4. A sneer at one who shows his teeth. (f)

1 (acción) throw of a stone; (golpe) hit o blow from a stone
matar a algn a pedradas to stone sb to death; pegar una pedrada a algn to throw a stone at sb
2 (comentario molesto) snide remark; dig (familiar)
sentar como una pedrada
la cosa le sentó como una pedrada he took it very ill; the affair went down very badly with him; me sienta como una pedrada tener que irme I hate having to go
venir como pedrada en ojo de boticario to be just what the doctor ordered

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