masculine noun
1. chest (tórax) ; bosom (de mujer)
2. breast (mama)
  • dar el pecho a -> to breastfeed
3. heart (interior)
4. breaststroke (en natación) (Am)
  • los 100 metros pecho -> the 100 meters breaststroke
5. (expresiones)
  • a lo hecho, pecho -> it's no use crying over spilled milk
  • a pecho descubierto -> without protection o any form of defense
  • echarse o meterse algo entre pecho y espalda (informal) -> to put o tuck something away; (comida) to knock something back, to down something (bebida)
  • tomarse algo a pecho -> to take something to heart

pecho [pay’-cho]
1. The breast. (m)
2. The internal part of the breast, especially in men; chest. (m)
3. Breast, the mammary gland (de mujer). (m)
4. Bosom, breast, as the seat of the passions, the seat of tenderness, or the receptacle of secrets. (m)
5. Regard, esteem, confidence. (m)
6. Courage, valor, fortitude. (m)
7. Quality and strength of the voice to sing, preach, etc. 8. (m)
8. Tax formerly paid to the government by those who did not belong to the nobility. (m)
9. Any contribution paid to anyone besides the king. (m)
  • Dar el pecho -> to suckle
  • Hombre de pelo en pecho -> a brave, daring man
  • Tomar a pecho -> to take to heart
  • A pecho descubierto -> unarmed, without defence
Breast, heart, conscience.

1 (tórax) chest
le dieron una puñalada en el pecho he was stabbed in the chest; tenía una herida en el pecho he had a chest injury
estar de pecho sobre algo to be leaning on sth
estaba de pecho sobre la barandilla he was leaning on the railing
sacar pecho to stick one's chest out
ponte firme y saca pecho stand up straight and stick your chest out; el presidente ha sacado pecho ante las críticas the president put on a brave face under the criticism
con la nueva victoria el partido sacó pecho
abrir el pecho a algn to confide in sb; open one's heart to sb
no caberle a algn la alegría en el pecho
no me/le cabía la alegría en el pecho I/he was bursting with happiness
dar el pecho to face things squarely
a pecho descubierto (sin armas) unarmed; defenceless; defenseless; (EEUU) (francamente) openly; frankly
echarse entre pecho y espalda [+comida] to put away (familiar); [+bebida] to knock back (familiar)
gritar a todo pecho (And) (Caribe) to shout at the top of one's voice
partirse el pecho to bust a gut (familiar)
quedarse con algo en el pecho to keep sth back
tomarse algo a pecho to take sth to heart
2 [de mujer] (busto) bust
un sujetador que realza el pecho a bra which makes your bust look bigger; de pecho plano flat-chested
tener mucho pecho to have a big bust
tener poco pecho to be flat-chested
(mama) breast
le han extirpado un pecho she had a breast removed
dar el pecho to breast-feed
un niño de pecho a baby at the breast
3 (valor)
¡pecho al agua! courage!
a lo hecho, pecho we must make the best of it now
4 (Geografía) slope; gradient
(Hist) tax; tribute

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