1. (summit of mountain) 
a. la cima f, cumbre (F) 
2. (mountain) 
a. el pico (M) 
3. (of price, inflation, success) 
a. el punto máximo, (máximo) apogeo (M) 
in peak conditionen condiciones óptimas
peak periodhoras punta
peak seasontemporada alta
4. (of cap) 
a. la visera (F) 
intransitive verb
5. (general) 
a. alcanzar el punto máximo 
peak [piːk]
1 [of mountain] cumbre (f); cima (f); (mountain itself) pico (m); (point) (also of roof) punta (f); (on graph) pico (m)
beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form bata las claras de huevo a punto de nieve
we covered the last 500 metres to the peak in two hours the mountain's peak was veiled in mist we gazed at the distant mountain peaks the snow-covered peaks one of the highest peaks in the Alps only the red peak of her tent among the pines reminded me of her presence the ceiling rose to a central peak a red pennant at the mainmast's peak you will notice a peak in August, which reflects the traditionally higher sales volume for that month
2 [of cap] visera (f)
the man touched the peak of his cap he wore a brown cloth cap with the peak pulled down low over his eyes
3 (high point) [of career, fame, popularity] cumbre (f); cúspide (f)
during the peak of the war in Nicaragua cuando la guerra en Nicaragua era más intensa
she died at the peak of her career murió cuando estaba en la cumbre or la cúspide de su carrera
to be at the peak of fitness estar en condiciones óptimas; estar en plena forma; coffee is at its peak just after grinding cuando mejor está el café es recién molido
shares fell from a peak of 335p to 287p he was at the peak of his fame
at the peak of the morning rush hour en el momento de mayor intensidad de la hora punta matinal
a great artist at the peak of his powers the party's membership has fallen from a peak of fifty-thousand after the Second World War student numbers did not return to their prewar peak until 1943-4 at [its] peak when the empire was at its peak business was at its peak in 1970 when demand is at its peak [at] its peak, the Clyde was launching 14 ships a day a flourishing career that was at its peak at the time of his death at [one's] peak I am just 28 now and feel I'm at my peak he's going to be at his peak in a couple of years at their peak they had a run of fifteen games unbeaten in the early 1980s North Sea oil production was at its peak to [reach] [hit] a peak
the heyday of drugs has passed its peak ya ha pasado la época de máximo apogeo de las drogas
house prices reached a peak in 1988 el precio de las viviendas alcanzó su nivel máximo en 1988
computer technology has not yet reached its peak la tecnología informática aún no ha alcanzado su cumbre or cúspide; discontent had reached its peak el descontento había alcanzado su momento crítico
it reached its peak of popularity in the eighteenth century she knew that their relationship had reached its peak traffic reaches its peak about 5 it doubled in ten years to reach a peak of 2.7 million in 1931
peaks and troughs auges (m) y depresiones (f)
economies have peaks and troughs this reduces the peaks and troughs in blood glucose levels a regular savings scheme will help to even out the peaks and troughs of stock market investments
intransitive verb
[+temperatures] alcanzar su punto más alto; [+inflation, sales] alcanzar su nivel máximo; [+crisis] alcanzar su momento crítico; [+career] alcanzar su cumbre or su cúspide; [+sportsperson] alcanzar su mejor momento
the crisis peaked in July 1974 temperatures have peaked at over 30°C inflation will peak at around 7% his career peaked during the 1970's bone density peaks in early adulthood at some point Japanese stocks will peak sales of new cars peak each August he implied that inflation had yet to peak the trickle of shoppers will begin and grow until it peaks between one and two secretion of cortisol hormone, which helps your body deal with stress, normally peaks in early morning during the day, temperature climbs and is at its highest in late afternoon, peaking between 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m we pace the intensity of the election campaign so that we dont peak too early the next two fixtures would be crucial in enabling him to peak for the first Test against Australia we are improving with every game and I believe we will peak when it matters it's amazing the way he can peak for those two events it's like asking Liz mccolgan to peak after the Olympics Stephen is peaking at the right time for the World Championship I see no point in peaking in a practice game
(before noun)
1 (top)
in peak condition (athlete) en óptimas condiciones; en plena forma; (animal) en óptimas condiciones
our animals are absolutely in peak condition for the annual show Becker said he had to be in peak condition to play in Stuttgart
2 (busiest)
peak hours (of traffic) horas (f) punta; (Electricity and Electronics) horas (f) de mayor consumo
there is a large volume of traffic, especially at peak hours the bank can have extra tellers on hand during peak hours weekends and bank holidays are peak periods for theme parks four shuttles an hour at peak periods during peak periods, reservations are difficult to make at some of the hotels
peak time (TV) horas (f) de máxima audiencia; (Telec) (Electricity and Electronics) horas (f) de máxima demanda; (rush hour) horas (f) punta
it is more expensive to call at peak times resulta más caro llamar durante las horas de máxima demanda
the programme goes out at peak time the restaurant's always crowded at peak times calls at peak times will be 38p per minute travelling by train on Fridays, and at peak times, is more expensive
peak viewing time horas (f) de máxima audiencia
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