1. (calmness) 
The peacefulness of the lake made for a very romantic evening.La tranquilidad en el lago hizo que la noche fuera muy romántica.
b. la paz (F) 
I enjoy the peacefulness of this beautiful place.Disfruto de la paz de este hermoso lugar.
2. (lack of violence) 
The country's recent peacefulness has allowed for a boom of prosperity.El reciente carácter pacífico del país ha permitido que haya un boom de prosperidad.
peacefulness [ˈpiːsfʊlnɪs]
(calmness) tranquilidad (f); paz (f); (non-violent nature) carácter (m) pacífico
the kind of focused peacefulness attained in the meditative state The vividness of the colours, the sparkling clarity of the little streams, and the quietness and peacefulness of the place were wonderful I feel a great peacefulness # no rancor
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