1. (act of paying) 
a. el pago (M) 
Payment will be made by bank transfer.El pago se realizará mediante transferencia bancaria.
b. el abono (M) (in formal contexts) 
Please send payment at your earliest convenience.Por favor envíe el abono en cuanto le sea posible.
2. (amount paid) 
a. el pago (M) 
Payment will be credited to your account in 48 hours.El pago será ingresado en su cuenta en 48 horas.
3. (installment) 
a. el pago (M) 
I have nine $200 monthly payments left.Me faltan nueve pagos mensuales de 200 dólares.
4. (requital) 
a. el pago (M) 
Forty years in prison were his payment for the terrible crime he committed.Cuarenta años de cárcel fueron el pago por el terrible crimen que cometió.
1. (act of paying, amount paid) 
a. el pago (M) 
to make a paymentefectuar un pago
to stop payment on a checkrevocar un cheque
non paymentimpago m
on payment of £100previo pago de 100 libras
payment by installmentspago a plazos
payment in fullliquidación f
payment [ˈpeɪmənt]
1 [of salary, debt, invoice] pago (m); (for services) remuneración (f)
payment of this invoice is now due ya hay que hacer efectivo el pago de esta factura; I don't expect payment for my help no espero que me paguen por mi ayuda; no espero remuneración por mi ayuda
payment is by bank transfer directly into your account he had sought to obtain payment of a sum which he had claimed was owed to him is any payment owing to you from a previous employer? when can we expect payment? some said that social security payments were too high he clearly received something in return for his payment: namely, his freedom payment on [account] I can reserve the item for you if you make a small payment on account [as] payment for
as payment for your help como pago por tu ayuda
she was forced to hand over her wedding ring as payment for a parking fine we accepted the shares as payment for an outstanding debt would the villagers accept a crate of beer as payment for my rescue? they demanded a cigarette each as payment for having shown me the way they offer discounts for cash payment he confessed to accepting an illegal cash payment I asked him for a receipt for a cash payment I gave him the government's commitment to making a weekly cash payment to mothers payment in [cash] I'm afraid we only accept payment in cash [deferred] payment payment by [instalments] payment by instalments can be arranged 25 million pounds is payable up front; the rest will come in deferred payments payment on [delivery] you will be required to make a down payment of 10% we've put a down payment on the house they are saving for the down payment on a house
in payment for/of en pago por/de
/please find enclosed a cheque for $52/ in payment of the sum I owe you in payment for your services Britain and France sent money to America in payment of their war debts travelling musicians provided entertainment and were given food and lodging in payment
to make a payment efectuar un pago
the insurers have yet to agree the claim or make a payment the fund makes payments of a charitable nature in cases of hardship the fund will make payments of just over £1 billion next year
to make a payment into one's account hacer un depósito or un ingreso en cuenta; (Esp)
[method] of payment what method of payment will you be using, sir?
on payment of £5 mediante pago de cinco libras; pagando cinco libras
to present sth for payment presentar algo para el cobro
to [stop] payment of a cheque six weeks go by without payment - we send them another invoice
full: payment in full insurance: insurance payment
mortgage: mortgage payment one-off: one-off payment ransom: ransom payment
2 (instalment) plazo (m)
ten monthly payments of £50 diez plazos mensuales or diez mensualidades de 50 libras
to fall behind with one's/the payments atrasarse en los pagos
if you fall behind with your payments the property may be repossessed
to keep up one's/the payments mantenerse al día con los pagos
he was unable to keep up the payments on his car to [stop] payments
3 (reward) recompensa (f); retribución (f)
a stream of abuse was the only payment he received la única recompensa or retribución que recibió fue una sarta de insultos
payment card (n) tarjeta (f) de pago
the largest processor of credit and payment cards in the UK they may have to refuse to accept certain payment cards She negotiated a payment schedule with her landlord to avoid eviction Borrowers can also design their own payment schedule, building over- or underpayments into the mortgage to suit cashflow ask for easy weekly payment terms many private schools were offering easy payment terms and accepting credit cards
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down payment
la cuota inicial
payment plan
el plan de pagos
payment terms
condiciones de pago
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