1. (round piece of food) 
Ok everyone, the food's ready. There are buns, meat and veggie patties, and hot dogs on the table outside.Ok, la comida está lista. Hay pan, hamburguesas de carne y vegetarianas y hot dogs en la mesa de afuera.
b. la carne (F) (beef) 
How many patties would you like on your burger?¿Con cuántas carnes quieres tu hamburguesa?
2. (stuffed pastry) (United Kingdom) 
Frank ordered a couple of Jamaican patties with some coconut bread.Frank pidió un par de empanadas jamaicanas con pan de coco.
proper noun
3. (nickname for Patricia) 
a. Paty 
Please tell Patty to call me.Por favor dile a Paty que me llame.
b. Pati 
Patty and I are going to the movies tonight. Do you want to come?Pati y yo vamos a ir al cine en la noche. ¿Quieres venir?
patty [ˈpætɪ]
empanada (f)
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