1. (order or system) 
The psychologist must first identify the patient's behavior pattern.El psicólogo primero debe determinar el patrón de conducta del paciente.
b. la pauta (F) 
This treatment pattern must be repeated every three weeks.Esta pauta de tratamiento debe repetirse cada tres semanas.
2. (decorative motif) 
a. el estampado (M) (on fabric) 
I'd like a dress with a floral pattern.Quisiera un vestido con un estampado floral.
The facade is ornamented with Arabesque-inspired patterns.La fachada aparece decorada con diseños inspirados en motivos arabescos.
c. el dibujo (M) 
That pattern you see is actually a map.Ese dibujo que ves es en realidad un mapa.
3. (model for sewing or knitting) 
Our magazine offers the best selection of sewing patterns for skirts.Nuestra revista ofrece la mejor selección de patrones de costura para faldas.
b. el molde (M) (Southern Cone) 
Can you knit a sweater from a pattern?¿Sabes tejer un suéter utilizando un molde?
4. (prototype) 
a. el modelo (M) 
His work suggests a clear pattern for future study.Su trabajo propone un modelo claro para futuros estudios.
transitive verb
5. (to be modeled after) 
a. imitar 
Many new fashion trends are patterned on those of years gone by.Muchas tendencias nuevas de la moda imitan las de antaño.
Some of the biggest box office hits have been patterned after Shakespeare works.Algunas de las películas más taquilleras se basan en obras de Shakespeare.
1. (design) 
a. el dibujo (M) 
2. (on dress, cloth) 
a. el estampado m, dibujo (M) 
pattern bookmuestrario m
3. (of events) 
a. la evolución (F) 
4. (of behavior) 
a. la pauta (F) 
the evening followed the usual patternla noche transcurrió como de costumbre
5. (in sewing, knitting) 
a. el patrón (M) 
6. (norm) 
a. la pauta f, norma (F) 
to set a patternmarcar la pauta
transitive verb
7. (model) 
a. no direct translation 
to pattern something on somethingimitar algo tomando algo como modelo
pattern [ˈpætən]
1 (design) dibujo (m)
a fabric in or with a floral pattern una tela con un dibujo or diseño floral
the pattern of the tread on a tyre a golden robe embroidered with red and purple thread stitched into a pattern of flames a computer card with a particular pattern of holes in it
to draw a pattern hacer un dibujo
Jack was drawing a pattern in the sand with his finger
2 (Cos) (Knitting) patrón (m); molde (m); (S. Cone)
I made this skirt from a pattern I designed myself cutting out a pattern for trousers I pinned the pattern onto the fabric, then cut the pieces out send for our free patterns to knit yourself
3 (system, order)
a clear pattern began to emerge empezaron a surgir unas pautas definidas
I began to notice a pattern in their behaviour a change in the pattern of his breathing these apparently unrelated incidents were really part of a pattern I began to see that these endless bedside vigils might be the pattern of my future
behaviour pattern modelo (m) de comportamiento
the patient displayed some bizarre and obsessive behaviour patterns she will tend to slip into negative behaviour patterns such as nail-biting or thumb-sucking the workings of her personality and her behaviour patterns in relation to men
a healthy eating pattern unos hábitos alimenticios sanos
it helps to establish a healthy eating pattern
the pattern of events el curso de los hechos
to follow a pattern seguir unas pautas
my daily routine doesn't follow any set pattern mi rutina diaria no sigue unas pautas definidas; it is following the usual pattern se está desarrollando como siempre or según las pautas
all three attacks followed the same pattern Duesberg says that AIDS doesn't follow the pattern of most other virus diseases many of the incidents appear not to follow any pattern
a system of government on the British pattern un sistema de gobierno basado en el modelo británico
closed empires on the traditional Chinese pattern [on] the pattern of the need for an independent air service on the pattern of the RAF the Treasury estimates that, on the pattern of EC rates on Friday, the range against the Deutschmark will be between dm2.88 and dm3.13 a conflict on the pattern of the Second World War would follow
it set a pattern for other conferences marcó las pautas para otros congresos; creó el modelo para otros congresos
sleep pattern(s) hábitos (m) de dormir
having a baby is bound to disturb your normal sleep patterns
weather pattern(s) condiciones (f) meteorológicas
one of the likely consequences of warmer waters and changing weather patterns is a noticeable increase in the frequency of storms
work pattern(s) costumbres (f) de trabajo
computer-based systems have powerful effects on work patterns pattern of [life] the pattern of [life] in a rural community pattern of [trade] the pattern of trade (which country exports or imports which version of the differentiated good) is indeterminate but the volume can be related to the size of the two trading partners
transitive verb
1 (model)
to pattern sth after or on sth
a building patterned after a 14th century chapel un edificio modelado sobre una capilla del siglo XIV; action movies patterned on Rambo películas (f) de acción que siguen el modelo de Rambo
he wanted this room patterned after the British Museum Library room an article published under the glaring title "Gorbachev and Europe" is patterned after Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf a pop group patterned on the Jackson Five to pattern sth [after] [on] sb the way he says things is patterned after his father
2 (mark) estampar
the varnish was patterned with the tiny cracks of age silver birch branches patterning a pale-blue sky row upon row of machine-gun bullets had patterned the wall /she planned to pattern the boxes with soldiers or teddy bears/ and sell them as nursery toy boxes
pattern book (n) [of wallpaper, fabrics] muestrario (m); (Cos) (Knitting) libro (m) de patrones
she had worked on the machine which cuts wallpaper for pattern books an itinerant weaver, who travelled with his own pattern books the Vogue pattern book contains designs by Yves St Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld for knitters, Rowan has a selection of pattern books
pattern recognition (n) reconocimiento (m) de formas
pattern recognition, the programming of computers to read documents or to recognize spoken words
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