feminine noun
1. sideboard, sideburn (de pelo)
2. arm (de gafas)

patilla [pah-teel’-lyah]
1. Spike nailed to the stern post, on which the rudder moves. (Nautical) (f)
2. Chape of a buckle. (f)
3. Trigger. (f)
4. (Cono Sur) Bench. (f)
5. Watermelon (sandía). (Andes & Caribbean) (f)
6. Layer. (Botany) (f)
7. Sidepiece (de gafas). (f)
8. Pin. (Computer) (f)
noun, plural
9. Whiskers, sideburns.
10. Demon. (Colloquial)

1 [de gafas] sidepiece; temple; (EEUU) [de vestido] pocket flap
2 [de hombre] sideburn; (rizo) kiss curl
tener patillas to have a brass neck (familiar)
3 (Arg) (banco) bench
4 (Caribe) (Col) (sandía) watermelon
5 (Informática) pin
6 (S. Cone) (Botánica) layer

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