1. (calm) 
a. paciente 
Be patient. You'll get the results soon enough.Tienes que ser paciente. Pronto te llegarán los resultados.
2. (detailed) 
He gave us a patient explanation of what to do in such cases.Nos dio una explicación pormenorizada de qué hacer en dichos casos.
3. (medicine) 
You have to give the patient a bed bath.Tienes que asear al paciente en la cama.
All cancer patients are in this ward.Todos los enfermos de cáncer están en esta sala.
1. (general) 
a. el paciente (M)la paciente (F) 
2. (general) 
a. paciente 
to be patient with somebodyser paciente con alguien, tener paciencia con alguien
patient [ˈpeɪʃənt]
[+person] paciente; [+explanation] detallado
I'm a patient woman, you know that she is not the most patient of people she interrupted his patient explanations you will need a lot of patient understanding from family and friends
to be patient tener paciencia
just be patient try to be patient you're very patient
you must be patient hay que tener paciencia; we have been patient long enough! ¡se nos está acabando or agotando la paciencia!
thank you for being patient please be patient-your cheque will arrive I've been extremely patient but I don't intend to wait a moment longer
to be patient with sb tener paciencia con algn
he was endlessly kind and patient with children
patient [ˈpeɪʃənt]
(on doctor's list) paciente (m); (having medical treatment) enfermoaenferma (m) (f);a enferma
she was called in to see a dying patient the earlier the treatment is given, the better the patient's chances no one suspected Frank of foul play when other doctors' patients mysteriously died, while his alone survived she refused to examine another doctor's patients I'm sorry, the doctor is not accepting any more patients; his list is full millions of patients are set to lose free treatment under the new reform of dental services a psychoanalyst friend of mine became involved with one of her patients the patient is making a steady recovery after a heart by-pass operation last week [next] patient, please
patient care (n) cuidado (m) de los enfermos
they are trying to reduce costs by reducing the quality of patient care the need for reform of working practices to improve patient care and raise the morale of junior doctors in hospitals
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be patient
ser paciente, sé paciente
I am patient
soy paciente
patient name
el nombre del paciente
hospital patient
el/la paciente de hospital
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