1. (track) 
a. el camino (M) 
The road split into two paths.La carretera se dividía en dos caminos.
The path took me to a river.El sendero me llevó hasta un río.
2. (course) 
The path of the storm has changed, fortunately.Por fortuna, la trayectoria de la tormenta ha cambiado.
b. el camino (M) 
The tornado destroyed everything in its path.El tornado destrozó todo lo que se interpuso en su camino.
3. (course of action) 
a. el camino (M) 
Doing what you love is one of the paths to success.Hacer lo que te gusta es uno de los caminos para tener éxito.
4. (way) 
a. el paso (M) 
Some men were blocking the path.Algunos hombres bloqueaban el paso.
1. (route) 
a. el camino m, sendero (M) 
2. (of rocket, planet, bird) 
a. la trayectoria (F) 
3. (of inquiry, to success) 
a. el vía f, camino (M) 
he killed everyone in his pathmató a todo el que encontró a su paso
their paths had crossed beforesus caminos ya se habían cruzado antes
path [pɑːθ]
paths (plural) [pɑːðz]
1 (also pathway) (also footpath) (track) (surfaced) camino (m); (unsurfaced) camino (m); sendero (m)
feet had worn a path in the rock las pisadas habían formado un camino or un sendero sobre la piedra; they hacked a path through the jungle se abrieron camino a machetazos a través de la jungla
a narrow dirt path /they strayed from off the path/ and got lost the narrow path bordering the canal she came slowly across the muddy path that crossed the meadow he took her off up one of the long grassy paths far away from us the path was cut into the face of the living rock he went up the path to his front door ignoring the path, she had cut across the grass to the house he strolled slowly homeward by the path across the park we went up the tiled path and the stone steps into the hallway the rain had almost stopped, but /the paved path/ behind her was dotted with puddles the crumbling brick path through the old woman's derelict garden the great cretaceous extinction that cleared the path for the development of mammals [keep] to the path a [riverside] path clear: to clear a path cliff: cliff path coastal: coastal path
2 (course) [of person, vehicle] camino (m); [of missile, sun, storm] trayectoria (f)
of a star
the earth's path round the sun la trayectoria de la tierra alrededor del sol
the hurricane destroyed everything in its path el huracán destruyó todo a su paso
he stepped into the path of an oncoming car se cruzó en el camino de un coche que se acercaba
the town lay in the hurricane's path the town was in the path of the retreating Germans a herd of goats crossed our path the drunken man kept bumping into tables while pursuing his erratic path a line of footprints showed Phyllis' path across the beach he saw the trail of blood and gore that marked the path his little boy had crawled he just happened to be in the path of the bullet far beyond the path of Saturn the bullet had scored its path across the skin of the fruit Nikko stepped out of the shadows into his path
3 (way forward) paso (m)
a group of reporters blocked his path un grupo de periodistas le cerraba el paso
on arrival he found his path barred
4 (route) camino (m)
her path through life was marked by tragedy /he tried to follow in his father's path/ without copying him the country is on the path to economic recovery the Church has put /a serious obstacle in the path of women who want to become priests/
I hope never to cross paths with him again espero no volvérmelo a encontrar nunca; espero no volver a toparme con él nunca
over the years, Yul and Kirk had crossed paths many times
our paths first crossed in Milan nuestros caminos se cruzaron por primera vez en Milán; la primera vez que coincidimos fue en Milán
it was highly unlikely that their paths would cross again to [smooth] sb's path for him
these measures helped smooth the path to independence estas medidas ayudaron a allanar or facilitar el camino hacia la independencia
to [steer] a path between two extremes the path [to] power
to beat a path to sb's door asediar a algn
career: career path
(course of action)
I wouldn't go down that path if I were you yo en tu lugar no haría eso
I criticized the path the government was taking they have chosen the path of cooperation rather than confrontation I appeal to you not to take the path of revenge she knew that she had chosen the wrong path bourgeois convention recognized only one suitable path for women - marriage and motherhood Duncan could have got work as a child minder, but he did not choose this path he [took] a different path to follow the path of least resistance I followed the path of least resistance and studied languages simply because I was best at them when you start the file manager it displays the path of the directory from which you started it make sure the path setting in your autoexec.bat file specifies the right directory In computing, a path name is a string of words or characters that you type in order to specify the location of a particular file or directory. All the character strings used in Windows NT — path names, file names, directory names etc — are in Unicode
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