1. obvious (descontento, indignación); clear (demostración, prueba)
  • su dolor era patente -> he was clearly in pain
feminine noun
2. patent (de invento)
  • tener la patente de algo -> to hold the patent on o for something
3. (certificado)
  • patente de navegación -> certificate of registration
4. registration number (de auto) (CSur British), license number (United States)

patente [pah-ten’-tay]
1. Patent, manifest, evident, clear, palpable.
2. (Cono Sur) Superb (excelente).
3. Patent, a writ conferring exclusive right or privilege; warrant, commission. (f)
4. Letters of marque. (f)
5. Letter of obedience expedited by prelates and addressed to their religious subjects. (f)
6. Money paid by newcomers to the members of a company or office. (f)
7. Number plate (placa); driving licence (carnet). (Ante Meridian & Automate & Latin American) (m)
  • Patente de sanidad -> bill ol health
  • Patente de invención -> patent

1 [+mentira, muestra] clear
es una mentira patente
es prueba patente de su ineficacia it's clear proof of his inefficiency; me decepcionó su patente desinterés I was disappointed by his patent o clear lack of interest; su enojo era patente his annoyance was plain to see; he was plainly o patently o clearly annoyed; la culpabilidad era patente en su rostro he had guilt written all over his face
hacer algo patente to reveal sth; show sth clearly
aquella reacción hizo patente su rencor that reaction clearly showed o revealed his resentment
quedar patente to become patently clear o obvious
con ese comentario su ignorancia quedó patente with that comment his ignorance became patently clear o obvious
2 (Com) patent
3 (S. Cone) (excelente) superb; great
1 [de invento, producto] patent
derechos de patente patent rights; de patente (S. Cone) first-rate
patente de invención patent
2 (Jur) (permiso) licence; license; (EEUU) authorization
patente de corso (Hist) letter(s) of marque
se cree que tiene patente de corso he thinks he's got a licence to do whatever he pleases
patente de navegación ship's registration certificate
patente de privilegio letters patent
patente de sanidad bill of health
3 (S. Cone) (Automóviles) licence plate; license plate; (EEUU) (carnet) driving licence; driver's license; (EEUU)
(Caribe) patent medicine

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