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[ˈpætənt, ˈpeɪtənt]
1. patente (f) (británico)
  • to take out a patent on something patentar algo
  • patent applied for, patent pending (comercio) patente solicitada, en espera de patente
2. patentado(a) (patented)
  • patent leather charol (m)
  • patent medicine específico (m) , especialidad (f) farmacéutica
3. patente, evidente (evident)
transitive verb
4. patentar
patent [ˈpeɪtənt]
1 (obvious) patente; evidente
it was a patent impossibility
2 (patented) [+invention] patentado
patente (f)
patent applied for patent pending patente en trámite
to take out a patent obtener una patente
transitive verb
patent agent (n) agente (m) de patentes
Patent and Trademark Office (n) (US)
Patent Office See culture box in entry patent.
patent law (n) derecho (m) de patentes
patent leather (n) charol (m)
patent medicine (n) específico (m)
patent office (n) oficina (f) de patentes
Patent Office (n) (Britain) registro de la propiedad industrial
patent rights (n) derechos (m) de patente
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