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feminine noun
1. potato (peninsular Spanish)
  • no entendí ni patata (informal) I didn't understand a word of it
  • ¡(di) patata! (informal) say cheese! (en foto)
  • esta impresora es una patata (informal figurative) this printer's a dud
  • patatas bravas = sautéed potatoes served with spicy tomato sauce
  • patata caliente (figurative) hot potato
  • patatas fritas chips(de sartén) (British), (French) fries; (United States) crisps(de bolsa) (British), (potato) chips (United States)
1 (tubérculo) potato
puré de patatas mashed potatoes
; (p)
patata caliente hot potato
patata de siembra seed potato
patatas bravas fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce
patatas con su piel jacket potatoes
patatas deshechas mashed potatoes
patatas enteras jacket potatoes
patatas fritas (en tiras) chips; French fries; (EEUU) (de bolsa) crisps; potato chips; (EEUU)
patatas nuevas new potatoes
patata temprana early potato
ni patata nothing at all
no entendió ni patata he didn't understand a single word
(no) me importa una patata
no se me da una patata
I don't care two hoots
pasar la patata caliente to pass the buck (familiar)
ser una patata to be rubbish (familiar)
3 (vulva) fanny (vulgar); beaver (vulgar); (EEUU)
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