pass away

pass away
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to die) 
a. fallecer 
The nurse told me that Dad has passed away peacefully in his sleep.La enfermera me dijo que papá había fallecido sin sufrir, mientras dormía.
2. (to disappear) 
I look forward to a time when all my troubles will have passed away.Estoy ansiosa por que llegue el día en que hayan desaparecido todos mis problemas.
pass away
intransitive verb
1. (euph) 
a. fallecer 
pass away
1 (die) fallecer
he unfortunately passed away last year
2 (disappear) desaparecer
a way of life that is passing away the old political order had passed away they knew that the bombings were something that sooner or later must pass away the effort to preserve a way of life that is passing away
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