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intransitive verb
1. (to take part; used with "en")
a. to participate in
Mi hermano decidió participar en un triatlón.My brother decided to participate in a triathlon.
b. to take part in
Participó en los Juegos Olímpicos. He took part in the Olympic Games.
2. (to give to others; used with "de")
a. to share
Participó de su conocimiento para el bien de todos. She shared her knowledge for the good of all.
3. (finance; used with "en")
a. to have a share in
Carlos Slim participa en varias empresas. Carlos Slim has shares in several companies.
transitive verb
4. (to notify)
a. to inform
Les quiero participar los acontecimientos más recientes.I want to inform you of the latest developments.
intransitive verb
1. to take part, to participate (colaborar, intervenir) (en in); to have a share (en in)
  • participaron diez corredores/equipos (finance) ten runners/teams took part o participated
  • todo el mundo participó con entusiasmo en la limpieza del río everyone joined in enthusiastically in cleaning up the river
2. to receive a share (recibir) (de of)
3. (compartir)
  • participar de to share
transitive verb
  • participar algo a alguien to notify somebody of something
intransitive verb
1 (tomar parte) to take part; participate (formal)
participar en un concurso to take part o participate in a competition; 20 países participarán en la cumbre 20 countries will take part in the summit; participar en una carrera to take part in a race
2 (Economía)
participar en una empresa to own shares in a company; participar de los beneficios to share in the profits; participar de o en una herencia to share in an estate
3 (compartir)
participar de una cualidad/opinión to share a quality/an opinion
transitive verb
(informar) to inform
participar algo a algn to inform sb of sth
le participo que está usted muy equivocado
Verb Conjugations for participar
Gerund: participando
Participle: participado
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