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intransitive verb
1. to take part, to participate (colaborar, intervenir) (en in); to have a share (en in)
  • participaron diez corredores/equipos (finance) ten runners/teams took part o participated
  • todo el mundo participó con entusiasmo en la limpieza del río everyone joined in enthusiastically in cleaning up the river
2. to receive a share (recibir) (de of)
3. (compartir)
  • participar de to share
transitive verb
  • participar algo a alguien to notify somebody of something
intransitive verb
1 (tomar parte) to take part; participate (formal)
participar en un concurso to take part o participate in a competition; 20 países participarán en la cumbre 20 countries will take part in the summit; participar en una carrera to take part in a race
2 (Economía)
participar en una empresa to own shares in a company; participar de los beneficios to share in the profits; participar de o en una herencia to share in an estate
3 (compartir)
participar de una cualidad/opinión to share a quality/an opinion
transitive verb
(informar) to inform
participar algo a algn to inform sb of sth
le participo que está usted muy equivocado
Verb Conjugations for participar
Gerund: participando
Participle: participado
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