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masculine noun
1. opinion (opinión)
  • cambiar de parecer to change one's mind
2. (apariencia)
  • de buen parecer good-looking
intransitive verb
3. (+ sustantivo) to look like
  • parece un palacio it looks like a palace
  • parecía un sueño it was like a dream
4. (+ adjetivo) to look, to seem
  • pareces cansado you look o seem tired
  • es alemán, pero no lo parece he's German, but he doesn't look it
  • ¡pareces bobo! are you stupid, or what?
5. (expresa opinión)
  • me parece que… I think o it seems to me that…
  • me parece que sí/no I think/don't think so
  • ¿qué te parece mi vestido? what do you think of my dress?
  • ¿qué te parece la idea? — me parece bien/mal what do you think of the idea? — it seems OK to me/I don't think much of it
6. (tener aspecto de)
  • parece que va a llover it looks like it's going to rain
  • parece que le gusta it looks as if o it seems that she likes it
  • eso parece so it seems
  • al parecer apparently
pronominal verb
1. to be alike (en in)
  • parecerse a alguien to look like somebody; (físicamente) to be like somebody (en carácter)
  • no tenemos yate ni nada que se le parezca we haven't got a yacht or anything (like that)
1 (opinión) opinion; view
a mi parecer in my opinion o view; somos del mismo parecer we are of the same opinion o view; cambiar o mudar de parecer to change one's mind
2 (aspecto)
de buen parecer good-looking; handsome; de mal parecer unattractive
intransitive verb
1 (uso copulativo) (por el aspecto) to look; to look like
esos zapatos no parecen muy cómodos those shoes don't look very comfortable; pareces más joven you look younger; parece una modelo she looks like a model; ¡pareces una reina! you look like a queen!; una casa que parece un palacio a house that looks like a palace; parece una foca she's huge o enormous (familiar); estos guantes parecen de seda these gloves feel like silk
parece un alfeñique
(por el carácter, el comportamiento) to seem
parece muy afectado por la noticia he seems very upset by the news; parecía una persona muy amable she seemed very nice; desde que se divorció no parece la misma since she got divorced she seems a different person
parece muy simpática parece muy difícil
2 (uso impersonal) (dar la impresión de) to seem
todo parecía indicar que estaba interesado everything seemed to point towards him being interested; aunque no lo parezca surprising though it may seem o (formal) appear; así parece so it seems o (formal) appears
al parecera lo que parece apparently; seemingly
parece como si
parece como si quisiera ocultar algo it's as if he were trying to hide something; en mi sueño parecía como si volara in my dream it was as if I was flying
parece que
parece que va a llover it looks as though o as if it's going to rain; it looks like rain; parece que fue ayer it seems only yesterday; parece que huele a gas I think I can smell gas
según parece apparently; seemingly
parece ser que
parece ser que van a aumentar las temperaturas it seems o (formal) appears (that) it's going to get warmer; parece ser que ha habido algún problema it seems o (formal) appears (that) there has been a problem
3 (indicando opinión)
parecerle a algn: ¿qué os pareció la película? what did you think of the film?
¿qué te parece?
¿no te parece extraño que no haya llamado? don't you think it's strange that she hasn't called?; me parece bien que vayas I think it's a good idea for you to go; te llamaré luego, si te parece bien I'll phone you later, if that's all right with o by you; ¡me parece muy mal! I think it's shocking!; si a usted no le parece mal if you don't mind; me parece mentira que haya pasado tanto tiempo I can't believe it has been so long; podríamos ir al cine si te parece we could go to the cinema if you like; vamos a la piscina, ¿te parece? what do you say we go to the swimming pool?; what about going to the swimming pool?
¿cómo te parece?
como te parezca as you wish
parecer que
me parece que se está haciendo tarde it's getting rather late, I think; me parece que sí I think so; me parece que no I don't think so; ¿te parece que está bien no acudir a una cita? do you think it's acceptable not to turn up for an appointment?
4 (aparecer) to appear; [+objeto perdido] to turn up
pareció el sol entre las nubes the sun appeared through the clouds
cuando la luna parezca
ya parecieron los guantes the gloves have turned up; ¡ya pareció aquello! so that was it!
pronominal verb
1 (asemejarse)
parecerse a algn (en el aspecto) to look like sb; be like sb; (en el carácter) to be like sb; en esta foto se parece mucho a su abuelo in this photo he looks o is a lot like his grandfather; el retrato no se le parece the portrait isn't a bit like him; es muy sensible, se parece a su madre she's very sensitive, she's like her mother; parecerse a algo to look like sth; be like sth; su jersey se parece al mío his jumper looks o is like mine; ni cosa que se parezca nor anything of the sort
2 (uso recíproco) (en el aspecto) to look alike; be alike; (en el carácter) to be alike
María y Ana se parecen mucho
son hermanas pero no se parecen mucho they're sisters but they don't look o they aren't very much alike; ¿en qué se parecen estos dos objetos? what's the similarity between these two objects?; in what way are these two objects alike?
Verb Conjugations for parecer
Gerund: pareciendo
Participle: parecido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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