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paralelo, -a
1. parallel (a to)
  • la cordillera corre paralela al mar the mountain range runs parallel to the sea
  • los dos políticos han seguido caminos paralelos the two politicians have followed similar paths
  • barras paralelas (sport) parallel bars
masculine noun
2. parallel (geography)
3. comparison (comparación)
  • trazar un paralelo, -a con to draw a comparison o parallel with
4. (Elec)
  • estar en paralelo, -a to be in parallel
1 [+líneas] parallel;a to; [+vidas, caracteres] parallel
2 (no oficial) unofficial; irregular; illegal
importaciones paralelas unauthorized imports; illegal imports; medicina paralela alternative medicine
en paralelo (Electricidad y Eléctronica) in parallel; en paralelo con in parallel with; rodar en paralelo [+ciclistas] to cycle two abreast; un éxito sin paralelo an unparalleled success
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