Parade in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. desfile (m) (procession)
  • on parade pasando revista (troops)
  • a parade of shops una hilera de tiendas
  • parade ground plaza (f) de armas
transitive verb
2. pasar revista a (troops); ostentar (riches, knowledge)
intransitive verb
3. desfilar (troops)
  • to parade about or around desfilar
parade [pəˈreɪd]
1 (procession) desfile (m); (Mil) desfile (m); parada (f); [of models] desfile (m); pase (m)
to be on parade (Mil) estar en formación; estar a la vista de todos
a parade of (exhibition) una exhibición de; (series) una serie de
All around are the brightly-lit shop windows of Paris, the brilliant parade of enticing, desirable things ...home shopping channels with their constant parade of merchandise ...the dockers' parade of support for their union leader
When I ask Nick about his childhood, he remembers a parade of babysitters endless parade of advertisements
to make a parade of (show off) hacer alarde de
3 especially (Britain) (road) paseo (m)
a parade of shops una calle de tiendas
transitive verb
1 [+troops] hacer desfilar; [+streets] recorrer; desfilar por; [+placard etc] pasear;through the streets por las calles;
2 (show off) [+learning, wealth, new clothes] hacer alarde de; lucir
intransitive verb
1 (Mil) etc desfilar
boy scouts, demonstrators
the strikers paraded through the town los huelguistas desfilaron por la ciudad
2 pasearse
she paraded up and down with the hat on se paseaba de un lado a otro con el sombrero puesto; andaba de acá para allá luciendo el sombrero
parade ground (n) (Mil) plaza (f) de armas
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