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1. panel (m) (on wall, of door); panel (m) tablero (m) (of switches, lights)
  • panel beater chapista (sustantivo masculino) (in car industry) (británico)
2. panel (m) equipo (m) (at interview, of experts)
  • panel discussion debate (m) , mesa (f) redonda
panel [ˈpænl]
1 [of wall] panel (m); [of door] entrepaño (m); [of ceiling] artesón (m)
2 [of instruments, switches] tablero (m)
3 (Cos) paño (m); (Art) tabla (f)
4 [of judges, in a competition] jurado (m); (TV) (Rad) panel (m)
5 (Britain) (Med) (formerly) lista (f) de pacientes
transitive verb
[+wall, door] revestir con entrepaños de madera
panel beater (n) carroceroacarrocera (m) (f);a carrocera
panel beating (n) chapistería (f)
panel discussion (n) mesa (f) redonda
panel game (n) programa (m) concurso para equipos
panel pin (n) clavo (m) de espiga
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