feminine noun
1. dove, pigeon
  • paloma mensajera -> carrier o homing pigeon
  • paloma torcaz -> ringdove, wood pigeon

paloma [pah-lo’-mah]
1. Pigeon, dove. (f)
  • Paloma mensajera -> homing pigeon
  • Paloma torcaz -> ring-dove
2. A meek, mild, dove-like person. (f)
3. (Ast.) Columba, one of the southern constellations. (f)
4. Handstand (ejercicio). (f)
5. Kite (cometa). (Ante Meridian & Central America & Caribbean & Mexico) (m)

1 (Ornitología) dove; pigeon
¡palomita! darling!
paloma buscadora de blancos homing pigeon
paloma de la paz dove of peace
paloma mensajera carrier pigeon; homing pigeon
paloma torcaz wood pigeon; ringdove
2 (persona) meek and mild person; (Política) dove
paloma sin hiel pet; lamb
3 (ejercicio) handstand
4 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (México) (cometa) kite
5 palomas (Náutica) white horses; whitecaps; (EEUU)

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