masculine noun
1. toothpick (mondadientes); cocktail stick (para tapa)
2. drumstick (baqueta)
3. chopstick (para comida china)
4. matchstick (persona delgada)

palillo [pah-leel’-lyo]
1. (dim.) A small stick. (m)
2. Knittingneedle case, a utensil which women carry fastened to the waist by the apron-strings. (m)
3. Toothpick (mondadientes). (m)
4. Bobbin, a wooden implement for making net-work or laces. (m)
5. Drum-stick. (m)
6. Peruvian plant similar to the guava-tree. (m)
7. After-dinner table-talk.
8. Small pins put on the billiard-table in certain games.
9. (coll.) Trifles, things of no moment.
  • Palillos chinos -> chopsticks
  • Estar hecho un palillo -> to be as thin as a rake

1 (mondadientes) (also palillo de dientes) toothpick
unas piernas como palillos de dientes legs like matchsticks
2 (Música) [de tambor, batería] drumstick;palillos (instrumento) castanets
3 (para comida oriental) chopstick
4 very thin person
estar hecho un palillo to be as thin as a rake
5 (Taur) banderilla
6 (S. Cone) (aguja de tejer) knitting needle
7 (Centroamérica) (México) (portalápices) penholder

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