feminine noun
1. spade (herramienta) ; shovel (para recoger) ; slice (cooking)
  • pala mecánica o excavadora -> excavator, digger
2. bat (de frontón, ping-pong) , paddle (United States)
  • jugar a las palas -> to play beach tennis (en la playa)
3. blade (de remo, hélice)
4. (upper) front tooth (diente)

pala [pah'-lah]
1. A wooden shovel for grain; shovel. (f)
  • Palas con mango -> shovels with handles
2. Peel used by bakers. (f)
3. Blade of an oar. (f)
4. Upper-leather of a shoe (zapato). (f)
5. The breadth or flat surface of the teeth. (f)
6. Craft, cunning, artifice. (f)
7. Dexterity, cleverness. (f)
8. Common Dante of a spathe. (Botany) (f)
9. Leaf of the prickly pear. (f)
10. Smooth part of an epaulet from which the fringe hangs. (f)
  • Pala mecánica -> power shovel
  • Pala para el pescado -> fish slice
  • Pala matamoscas -> fly swat

1 (para cavar) spade; (para nieve, carbón, tierra) shovel
pala cargadora mechanical loader
pala de patatas potato fork
pala excavadora digger
pala mecánica power shovel
pala quitanieves snowplough; snowplow; (EEUU)
pala topadora (Arg) bulldozer
2 (Culin) slice
pala para el pescado fish slice
3 (Dep) (Béisbol) bat; (en ping-pong) bat; paddle; (EEUU) (en tenis) racket
jugar a pala to play beach-tennis
4 [de hélice, remo] blade
pala matamoscas fly swat
6 [de zapato] vamp
7 (mano) mitt (muy_familiar)
¡choca la pala! shake on it! (familiar)
8 (astucia) cunning; wiliness

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