1. (set) 
a. el par (M) 
I bought a new pair of socks.Compré un nuevo par de calcetines.
2. (group of two things) 
a. la pareja (F) 
I have a pair of hearts.Tengo una pareja de corazones.
3. (group of two animals) 
a. el par (M) 
A pair of oxen pulled the cart.Un par de bueyes jalaba de la carreta.
4. (group of two people) 
a. la pareja (F) 
Patricia and Craig make a lovely pair.Patricia y Craig forman una linda pareja.
transitive verb
5. (to group in twos) 
a. emparejar 
The teacher paired each child with another student on the field trip.El maestro emparejó a cada niño con otro alumno en la excursión.
6. (to mate) 
a. aparear 
We paired our white rhino with a female from the Tampa Zoo.Apareamos nuestro rinoceronte blanco con una hembra del zoológico de Tampa.
intransitive verb
7. (to mate) 
a. aparearse 
Turtles travel great distances to pair.Las tortugas viajan grandes distancias para aparearse.
plural noun
8. (sports) 
Mark and Jeff played a pairs match against Jim and Frank.Mark y Jeff jugaron un partido de dobles contra Jim y Frank.
1. (of shoes, gloves) 
a. el par (M) 
2. (of people, cards) 
a. la pareja (F) 
a pair of glassesunas gafas
a pair of scissorsunas tijeras
a pair of trousersunos pantalones
transitive verb
3. (people, animals) 
a. emparejar 
pair [pɛəʳ]
1 (set) [of gloves, shoes, socks etc] par (m)
these socks are not a pair estos calcetines no son del mismo par
trainers at £90 a pair two pairs of shoes to [be] a pair are you sure those two socks are a pair?
a pair of binoculars unos prismáticos
a pair of glasses or spectacles unas gafas; unos anteojos
my eyes seem to be getting worse - /I think I need a new pair of glasses/
we need another pair of hands necesitamos otro par de manos
my alternative was to call Judith and request /an extra pair of hands/ 72,000 pairs of hands clapped in unison to the song
I've only got one pair of hands solo tengo dos manos
how do you expect me to peel the potatoes and wash your socks? /I've only got one pair of hands!/
a pair of pyjamas un pijama
2 pairs of pyjamas
a pair of scissors unas tijeras; un par de tijeras
six pairs of scissors seis tijeras
a pair of trousers un pantalón; unos pantalones; un par de pantalones
3 pairs of trousers a pair of jeans this pair of scissors need sharpening 4 pairs of [eyes] were watching her she was aware that four pairs of eyes were examining her closely she's got a great pair of [legs] I had to lend him a pair of pyjamas so he could stay the night
2 (group of 2 things) pareja (f)
a pair of aces una pareja de ases
pairs of words
to arrange in pairs [+glasses, chairs] colocar de dos en dos; [+related words, pictures] colocar en parejas
He arranged the counters on pairs on the board Arrange the glasses in pairs round the table the aliens have eight eyes, arranged in pairs /the waiters were arranging the glasses in pairs/, one for each type of wine, around the tables
3 [of people] (group of 2) par (m); (couple) pareja (f)
a pair of teenage boys were smoking un par de quincañeros estaban fumando; a pair of identical twins una pareja de gemelos; get out of my sight, the pair of you! ¡fuera de mi vista, los dos!
the pair admitted that their three-year-old marriage was going through `a difficult time' Eliot and Roberts aren't a bad pair as auditors go
the happy pair la feliz pareja; los novios
the happy pair flew off for a honeymoon in Florida
to do sth in pairs hacer algo en parejas or de dos en dos
the children walked in pairs behind their teacher for this particular exercise, I'd like you to /choose a partner and work in pairs/
those two make a right pair! ¡vaya par!; ¡vaya pareja!
they make an unlikely pair forman una insólita pareja; hacen or forman una extraña pareja
he and Paula made an unlikely pair
4 [of animals, birds] pareja (f)
/a breeding pair/ lays from three to eight eggs annually xxx una pareja de animales (de cría) xxx
a carriage and pair un carruaje con dos caballos; un landó con dos caballos
/a carriage and pair/ pulled up at the steps of the house and an elegantly dressed lady was helped down from the carriage
5 (counterpart) (gen) pareja (f)
can I try on the pair to this please? ¿puedo probarme la pareja, por favor?
there were two of these vases but its pair seems to have been mislaid I perched beside a statue which had lost its arms and head; its pair had once stood at the other side of the courtyard
(Britain) (Parl) uno de los dos miembros de partidos opuestos que se ponen de acuerdo para ausentarse de una votación y, de esa forma, anularse mutuamente
6 (Dep) pairs dobles (m)
he threw away his chances of a gold medal in the pairs (competion) they won in the pairs you may like to start off in /the pairs classes/ if you have a friend with a reliable horse to partner you, or there are also novice classes the pairs is one of the few events where the first three crews go through to the semi-final
pairs skating patinaje (m) en parejas
they are the world pairs skating champions
transitive verb
1 (Zool) aparear
do not be tempted to pair hens before they are mature the zoo world cooperative survival programs base their decisions on /who an animal should be paired with/ upon genetics rather than the geographical location of the animal
2 (put together) [+socks, gloves] emparejar
long skirts paired with knitted jackets faldas (f) largas a juego or haciendo juego con rebecas de punto; ginger biscuits are delicious paired with glasses of lemonade las galletas de jengibre están buenísimas acompañadas de vasos de limonada
the EMI release is paired with Franck's Symphony in D Minor erotic sophistication is sometimes paired with naive innocence
to pair sb with sb: trainees will be paired with experienced managers a los aprendices se les pondrá formando pareja con gerentes con experiencia
Woosnam was yesterday paired with Nicklaus in the draw for the first two rounds at Muirfield
I was paired with Henry in the general knowledge competition me pusieron formando pareja con or de compañero de Henry en el concurso de cultura general
Evans and I were often paired together, as photographer and writer it seems as though everyone in the world is happily paired with someone else
intransitive verb
1 (gen) formar pareja(s);with con
when a Y chromosome pairs with an X chromosome cuando el cromosoma Y forma pareja con el cromosoma X; beer pairs well with many New Zealand dishes la cerveza acompaña bien a muchos platos de Nueva Zelanda
and Margaret Osborne du Pont paired with Neale Fraser of Australia to win the mixed doubles
2 (Zool) aparearse;with con; formar pareja(s);with con
zoo-keepers are hoping that they will pair next spring birds pair in spring
pair bonding (n) unión (f) de pareja; emparejamiento (m)
even as early as January pair-bonding will start for egg-laying in March
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