1. (physical discomfort) 
a. el dolor (M) 
I don't know what to do about my back pain.No sé qué hacer con mi dolor de espalda.
b. dolerse 
I have a pain in my thumb because I jammed it in the door.Me duele el pulgar porque lo machuqué en la puerta.
2. (mental distress) 
a. el dolor (M) 
She suffers from the pain of a difficult childhood.Sufre del dolor de una infancia difícil.
b. la pena (F) 
Losing the election caused him a lot of pain.Perder la elección le provocó mucha pena.
Her schizophrenia brought constant pain to the family until she started taking medication.Su esquizofrenia trajo sufirimiento constante a la familia hasta que empezó a medicarse.
3. (colloquial) (nuisance) 
I don't want to visit her because she's a pain.No quiero visitarla porque es una pesada.
Taking care of the baby can be a pain at times.Cuidar al bebé puede ser insoportable a veces.
c. la lata (F) (colloquial) 
It's a pain having to get up two hours before dawn.Es una lata tener que levantarme dos horas antes del amanecer.
d. el rollo (M) (colloquial) 
I'm not allowed out until I've finished my homework. What a pain!No me dejan salir hasta que termine toda la tarea. ¡Qué rollo!
transitive verb
4. (to cause suffering) 
a. doler 
It really pains me to admit it, but he was right.Me duele mucho admitirlo pero él tenía razón.
It pains me to see how he treats his dog.Me hacer sufrir ver como le trata a su perro.
plural noun
5. (efforts) 
Is this how you pay me for my pains?¿Así es como me pagas mis molestias?
1. (physical) 
a. el dolor (M) 
2. (mental) 
a. la sufrimiento m, pena (F) 
to cause somebody paindolerle a alguien
to be in painestar sufriendo
I have a pain in my legme duele una pierna
3. (trouble) 
a. no direct translation 
to take pains to do something, to be at great pains to do somethingtomarse muchas molestias para hacer algo
for my painspor mi esfuerzo
4. (formal) 
a. no direct translation 
on pain of deathso pena de muerte
5. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation (colloquial) 
he's a pain (in the neck)es un plomazo or pelmazo or
6. (vulgar) 
a. no direct translation 
asses un coñazo, una chingadera, un embole
7. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
cooking can be a paina veces resulta una lata cocinar
transitive verb
8. (general) 
a. afligir, hacer sufrir 
pain [peɪn]
1 (physical) dolor (m)
she winced with pain hizo una mueca de dolor; where is the pain? ¿dónde le duele?
to help ease the pain/, heat can be applied to the area with a hot water bottle/
in order to ease the pain para aliviar el dolor
I felt a sharp pain in my lower back /the illness began with/ a nagging pain I suffer from the usual aches and pains of old age
back/chest/muscle pain dolor (m) de espalda/pecho/músculos
if you suffer from frequent back pain to cause pain the pain is usually caused by a strained muscle to [cry out] in pain he was crying out in pain as the rescuers lifted the girders off his legs
I have a pain in my leg me duele la pierna
to be in pain sufrir dolor(es); tener dolor(es); I was in excruciating pain sufría or tenía unos dolores horribles
he is in constant pain to be in [great] pain
no pain, no gain el que algo quiere, algo le cuesta
`No pain, no gain' was his motto as the outfits got more agonising to wear If the cliche `no pain, no gain' has any validity, then China's dream is well on the way to realisation, for discomfort and monomania permeate all aspects of the players' lives
2 (mental) dolor (m)
grey eyes that seemed filled with pain this helpful guide takes the pain out of the daunting process of selling your house to [cause] pain
his harsh words caused her much pain sus duras palabras le causaron mucho dolor or la hicieron sufrir mucho
I would never wish to cause him any pain Briggs said to release the tapes would cause the bereaved families more pain the break-up of a relationship inevitably causes a great deal of emotional pain
3 (nuisance)
to be a pain [+person] ser un pesado (informal); [+situation] ser una lata (informal); ser un rollo (informal)
he's a real pain es un verdadero pesado (informal); don't be such a pain! ¡no fastidies! (informal); ¡no seas tan pesada! (informal)
she's a pain, that girl is! it's a pain having to do that the car isn't mended yet, which is a pain
what a pain! ¡qué lata! (informal); ¡qué rollo! (informal); he's a pain in the arse or ass (US) es un coñazo (very_informal); he's a pain in the neck es insoportable
4 pains (efforts)
to be at pains to do sth esforzarse al máximo por hacer algo; intentar por todos los medios hacer algo
the company was at pains to point out that there was no danger to customers some committee members were at pains to distance themselves from the chairman's position he was at pains to be reasonable the authors were at pains to point out that such diseases are compartively rare he was at pains to stress that the policy was not in doubt Mobil is at pains to point out that the chances of an explosion at the site are remote
for my pains después de todos mis esfuerzos
all he got for his pains was a bullet in the head a cup of tea was all I got for my pains all Corfield got for his pains was a bullet in the head the Professor lavished his learning on the young visitor but gained little gratitude for his pains to [go] to great pains to do sth everyone went to great pains not to let her know that her aunt had died until after her exams to take pains over with sth
to take pains to do sth poner especial cuidado en hacer algo
he took infinite pains with his job se esmeraba or se esforzaba muchísimo en su trabajo; I had taken great pains with my appearance me había esmerado or esforzado mucho con mi apariencia
they took pains to stress that no military action was being planned she tooks great pains to conceal this from her parents
5 (penalty)
on or under pain of sth bajo pena de algo; so pena de algo
we were forbidden, under pain of imprisonment, to use our native language they were ordered not to cross the border, on pain of death they forbade the practice of our religion upon pain of imprisonment
transitive verb
(mentally) doler; hacer sufrir
this public acknowledgment of Ted's disability pained my mother
it pains me to think of you struggling all alone me duele pensar que estás luchando sola; pensar que estás luchando sola me hace sufrir; it pains me to tell you me duele decírtelo; it pained him that his father talked like that le dolía que su padre hablara así
pain clinic (n) unidad (f) del dolor
your doctor may be able to refer you to a specialized pain clinic
pain relief (n) alivio (m) contra el dolor
the drug gives only short-term pain relief they use only natural methods of pain relief in childbirth
pain threshold (n) resistencia (f) al dolor
how the disease affects you depends on your individual pain threshold trips to the dentist are a nightmare for me - I have such a low pain threshold
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