1. capellán (m) (familiar) (military chaplain)

padre [ˈpɑːdrɪ]
(Mil) capellán (m) militar; (Univ) capellán (m) de colegio; (in direct address) padre;

masculine noun
1. father (hombre)
  • de padre y muy señor mío (informal) -> incredible, tremendous
  • hacer padre a alguien (informal) -> to make somebody a happy man (peninsular Spanish)
  • padre de familia -> head of the family
  • padre político -> father-in-law
  • padres -> parents; (hombre y mujer) ancestors, forefathers (antepasados)
2. father (religion)
  • Santo padre -> Holy Father, Pope
  • padre espiritual -> confessor
  • Padres de la Iglesia -> Fathers of the Christian Church
adjective invariable
3. incredible, tremendous (informal) (peninsular Spanish)
  • se armó el lío padre -> there was a terrible o huge fuss
  • fue el cachondeo padre -> it was a great laugh
4. great (Mexican Spanish)
  • está muy padre -> it's really great o fantastic

padre [pah’-dray]
1. Father. (m)
2. Father, the appellation of the first person of the Trinity. (m)
3. Male of all animals. (m)
4. Father, ancestor (antepasado). (m)
5. Source, origin, principal author. (m)
6. Father, one who acts with paternal care. (m)
7. Father an ecclesiastical writer of the first centuries. (m)
8. Father, the appellation of a religious man. (m)
9. Father, the title of a confessor. (m)
  • Padre de familia -> householder, housekeeper
  • Padre Santo -> the Pope
  • Padre nuestro -> the Lord’s prayer; the large bead in the rosary over which the Lord’s prayer is to be said
  • Padre espiritual -> confessor
  • Padre político -> father-in-law
noun, plural
10. Parents, the father and mother.
11. Ancestors.
12. The members of a religious congregation taken as a body.
  • ¡Mi padre -> no, indeed
  • ¡Que lo haga su padre -> get someone else to do it
  • Se llevó un susto padre -> he was frightened out of his wits
  • Se pega la vida padre -> he lives like a king
  • Tiene un éxito padre -> he’s a big hit

1 (progenitor) father; (Zoología) father; sire
lo quiero como a un padre I love him as you would a father; su señor padre your father; Gutiérrez padre Gutiérrez senior; the elder Gutiérrez
de padre y muy señor mío
una paliza de padre y muy señor mío an almighty thrashing; the father and mother of a thrashing
no tiene padre ni madre, ni perrito que le ladre he is (all) alone in the world
padre de familia family man; (Jur) head of a household
padre de pila
padre político father-in-law
padre soltero single father
2 padres (padre y madre) parents
3 (Religión) father
el Padre Las Casas Father Las Casas
padre espiritual confessor
Padre Nuestro Lord's Prayer; Our Father
Padre Santo Holy Father
padres de la Iglesia Church Fathers
4 [de disciplina] father
es el padre de la lingüística moderna he is the father of modern linguistics
¡mi padre! you don't say! (familiar); ¡tu padre! up yours! (muy_familiar); ¡eres mi padre! you're a marvel!
(enorme) huge
un éxito padre a huge success; se armó un lío padre there was an almighty row; darse una vida padre to live the life of Riley (familiar)

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